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Try These Latest Korean Makeup Trends To Look Like Your Fave Stars

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There’s a lot to learn in K-beauty when it comes to makeup trends – the trends are ever changing! For example, blocked eyebrows and gradient lips have given way to a newer, more refreshing makeup looks. And most likely you are quite familiar with the changing Korean makeup trends after seeing your fave K-pop and K-drama stars! 

Latest Korean makeup trends that you must try! 

#1 Mirror Skin

We’ve all heard of the glass skin – and tried to improve our beauty routines to achieve it! South Korea is way ahead in the makeup and beauty game. They have moved on from the classic glass skin trends to mirror skin. 

Well, you might wonder, ‘is it any different?’ Want to know the difference? Glass skin, on the one hand, is a skin that is so clear that it shines and sparkles. On the other hand, mirror skin is when the complexion is glowy enough to make your skin look a little reflective. We hope you realize that just like glass skin, the mirror skin name is also a play on words – your skin does not become like mirrors! 

Jokes aside, K-beauty products that can help achieve mirror skin will most likely contain niacinamide as it is a brightening ingredient that fights dullness, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. We all know that you need a good base for a flawless makeup look, and skincare is the most essential in achieving mirror skin! 

#2 Beauty Behind The Masks

Makeup has become a chore now that everyone is wearing masks. It feels tedious because why put in the effort when people can only see half of your face! 

To get rid of such thoughts, South Koreans are currently rocking a trend known as “????,” which means “foundation-free.” So, in this latest Korean makeup trend, they don’t use a foundation as a base for makeup. Instead of the usual, they are opting for blemish-covering BB creams or tinted sunscreens. It gives a natural-looking texture and complexion rather than the almost perfect but touched-up skin. 

There are two reasons behind this – one is that people cannot see the entire face, and the other is that most Korean base products give you glowy and hydrated complexions. Their formulations can easily transfer to mask thereby ruining the whole look.  

Instead of almost-perfect, touched-up skin, they favor natural-looking textures and complexions. One explanation is that people don’t see the whole face, while most Korean base products are designed to give skin a healthy glow. In addition, the hydrating formulas are easily transferable to other items, such as masks, which could sabotage the whole look.

#3 Blushing Beauty

Rosy cheeks are in and trending! As previously said, Koreans are now enamored with a youthful, natural-looking complexion. Blush adds a splash of color to a plain base and makes the skin look even naturally healthier. You know, it just makes your skin look so beautiful and radiant! Although most people prefer classic pink blushes, other warm tones, such as red and coral, are also gaining popularity in South Korea. The most common look is a soft blush that extends from the cheeks to the corners of the eyes. You will even see some people apply a little dab of Korean blush products to their nose for that extra cuteness overload! 

#4 Glittery and Studded Eyes

The eyes are slowly becoming the center of K-beauty. Instead of focusing on BB cushion and gradient lips, people are now adorning their eyes with sparkles, glitters, and even studs. You may have seen your favorite K-pop stars wearing glitter under their aegyo-sal (puffiness under the eyes). In addition, Korean makeup artists are now using a lot of gems, studded diamonds, beads, and jewels in their work. This latest Korean makeup trend is perfect if you want to catch everyone’s attention! 

#5 Bold and Dark Lips

Light-colored lips were once typical in K-beauty, but that has since changed. Instead, rocking a dark lip is now a fan favorite, thanks to the emergence of girl crush K-pop concepts and the increasing popularity of Western beauty in East Asia. Bold lip colors are becoming popular in Korea, with shades ranging from hues of deep pinks to even gothic browns. As you have seen your fave K-pop idols donning them, this Korean makeup trend doesn’t seem to slow down even a bit!

#6 Natural Looking Eyebrows

Straight brow look was a famous K-beauty trend back in the day. People used to prefer shaping their eyebrows so that they did not arch. Now, the tide has certainly reversed the direction! People are opting for more natural brows. They simply brush their brows with mascara and fill in the gaps with a brow pact to look more natural. Some even darken their eyebrows so that they frame their faces better while retaining the natural shape. It’s time to say bye-bye to the blocky eyebrows!

Which of the Korean makeup trends will you try out in 2021? Please let us know in the comments!

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