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Picknail app by Korean startup Saltus Corp. revolutionizing nail art sticker shopping

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Korean startup Saltus Corp. has revolutionized the nail art sticker market completely. By designing the Picknail app, it has given customers the power to virtually try nail stickers online before making a purchase. Saltus Corp. was initiated in the Samsung Electronics Incubator program in 2017. It started as a platform to build technologies to control AR/VR environments by recognizing hand gestures.

Nail art is the in-thing!

Nail art is a fashion trend very popular all over the world. Not everyone can learn how to paint free-handed to impress your friends and followers. And even with all the beauty salons, you might not have time to get your nail art done by professionals. So, to make people’s life simpler, people have created nail art stickers. They are cheaper, easier, and make the whole process of applying nail art less messy.

Saltus Corp. bringing in something novel and innovative

With its hand motion modelling and detection in AR/VR interface technology, Saltus has applied a new beauty and cosmetics industry of nail art. There are no other technological innovations in this field. The Picknail app gives you an option to virtually try all the available nail art stickers. You can search for different designs and see how they look on your nails. The whole buying experience is personalized and much more efficient.

Picknail App

In the Picknail app, you can search the whole world of nail art stickers and filter out the designs based on your choice. You can even mark your favourites for reference. And when shortlisted, you can virtually apply the selected product so you know how it looks on your hands or toes. And if you are satisfied, then you can buy the selected nail art sticker and show off! The interesting thing about this app is you can capture an image and share it with your friends on Instagram even when you haven’t purchased the stickers.

App Market

According to Statistics Korea, the size of the country’s nail art industry reached 3 trillion won ($21 billion) last year. Thanks to the country’s trend-sensitive beauty market, Korean nail art has gained attention from around the world in recent years. Nail art popularity is continually rising all over the world. And with increasing popularity, the Picknail app can be a very helpful option in buying nail art stickers. This affordable fashion trend can become even more common and favourite with Instagrammers using this app as you won’t even need to buy something to show off!

The Picknail app is testing in South Korea with a target to capture the market globally with its innovative and advanced technology. Saltus Corp. wants to expand into other nail products and services like offline nail shops and B2B ads solutions based on AR.

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