All You Need To Know About Metaverse Seoul

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Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched an ambitious virtual project that tackles the world of the metaverse, thanks to which citizens of Seoul and, hopefully, South Korea can access various services virtually.

The Metaverse Seoul is part of a three-year plan by South Korea’s government. As a result, the creators have been testing the beta version. Now Metropolitan launched the new virtual world on January 16th. Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon launched it during the press briefing. However, the virtual environment is currently in its first phase, so there are improvements along the way.

Citizens can utilize the Metaverse Seoul to interact virtually. They can interact with the virtual environment and get access to various services. In this platform, citizens can virtually access various city services related to economy, education, tax, administration, etc. For instance, the people of Seoul can enter the virtual world and enquire about tax-related issues. As of now, the metropolitan has revealed tax questions, youth counseling, support for start-ups and e-books catalogs as their services.

Seoul will have a functioning administrative environment to help its citizens. For instance, people will be able to view, request, and create official documents. In addition, they can also complain about certain government-related problems in the virtual setting.

In the Metaverse Seoul platform, the city has developed a variety of virtual spaces, including ‚Äėthe space for creativity and communication‚Äô, ‚Äėthe space without discrimination‚Äô, and ‚Äėthe space of mixed reality‚Äô to provide virtual city services for users.

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The Future

The future of the Metaverse Seoul looks more fulfilling and promising. The local government is set to introduce new services in the realm of real estate, foreign investor services, and AR for managing infrastructure. Moreover, we can also expect the implementation of blockchain, which will include cryptocurrency.

In terms of entertainment and public interest, Metaverse Seoul allows citizens to explore tourist attractions and landmarks. Keep in mind that it will all be in a virtual setting. As a result, there will be an immersive and unique experience.

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With various amazing features of the new virtual world, taxes are one of the highlights. Metaverse Seoul has the ability to provide real-time information regarding municipal taxes. It is accurate and up-to-date, which is incredibly surprising since it is happening in the metaverse. Citizens can be in the comfort of their homes and ask tax-related questions anytime and from anywhere.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government aims to become heavily invested in virtual reality. They are integrating their administrative services with the virtual world to do that. The local government is working to make the Metaverse Seoul an integral part of people‚Äôs daily lives. 

Making the virtual replica of Seoul would take a lot of work to make it practical and realistic. Furthermore, providing an easy and convenient experience will be crucial in making this project a habit for the citizens. 

The second phase will come with new features and implementations from the Metropolitan. As of now, we are assured that accessibility will be improved for elderly people. Elderly citizens find it hard to travel conveniently and without any problem. As a result, the platform will eliminate the need to travel for elderly citizens to some extent. 

Wrapping up

Metaverse Seoul will be in the making for upcoming years and will be completed by the year 2026. It has a useful purpose that impacts the life of Korean citizens positively. Moreover, the idea of being connected to a virtual world is something South Korea can manage fairly easily. The country has one of the fastest internet connections in the world. So it is fairly easy for the Korean government to integrate Metaverse Seoul into every household. 

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