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8 Colorful Sandals For Spring From Korean Fashion Industry

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It is no surprise that Koreans are taking over the western markets with their impeccable sense of style and promising products. After aiming for skincare domination throughout the world, they are now leaving a mark on how we dress ourselves up and the footwear we choose for ourselves. Footwear can be a significant upgrade to even a simple outfit. With the spring season here, it’s time to ditch your autumn big heavy boots and step in the light and colorful sandals, which let your feet breathe.

Here is a list of our 8 favorite picks of sandals from leading Korean fashion brands which will brighten up your day and your style.

#1 Reike Nen Odd Pair Wedge Heels

Available in different colors, these Odd Pair Wedge Heels from Reike Nen ($330), a celebrated company in the realm of footwear, adds just the necessary charm to your summer dresses, whether it’s a beach day or you have to pull off a corporate party in April, these wedges and their cow leather appearance will do it all.

Reike Nen Odd Pair Wedge Heels
Reike Nen Odd Pair Wedge Heels

#2 Wifky – Block-Heel Chain-Detail Loafers

If you are looking for a pair of loafers that complements your style in the most affordable manner possible, Block-Heel Chain-Detail Loafers from Wifky ($76) are an ideal choice. It is made of synthetic leather and offers easy maintenance. Besides the fact that they come in 3 fresh colors: black, pink, and beige, it makes them a more desirable choice for your day out on a sunny spring day.

Wifky - Block-Heel Chain-Detail Loafers
Wifky – Block-Heel Chain-Detail Loafers

#3 MONOBARBI – Pointy-Toe Belted Flat Mules

These flat Pointy-Toe Belted Flat Mules will be a classic addition to your magnificent footwear collection. These beauties from the Korean fashion industry look like a collection from royalty, but on the contrary, they are pretty easy on your wallet when it comes to affording them ($63). They will go with your high-waisted jeans to long dresses that we all love to wear in the flowery season.

MONOBARBI - Pointy-Toe Belted Flat Mule
MONOBARBI – Pointy-Toe Belted Flat Mules

#4 Suecomma Bonnie – Gladys Sandal

With the capability of enchanting almost anyone with its amazing ornaments and placement on the band, these Gladys Sandal by the Korean fashion brand Suecomma Bonnie will help you make a statement. These Gladys will cost you around ($337), a luxury indeed!

Suecomma Bonnie - Gladys Sandal
Suecomma Bonnie – Gladys Sandal

#5 ACROBAT – Komo BK Heels

Komo BK Heels by ACROBAT is a magnificent, black-colored pair that comes with the tassel design at the front, giving it a very fresh and trendy look. And not only that, but this also ensures that every outfit that you wear with these spring sandals from Korea will give it a well-coordinated look. It has a belt design to provide a magnificent look for your ankles. It’s a must-have for your shoe closet.

ACROBAT - Komo BK Heels
ACROBAT – Komo BK Heels

#6 Vanillashu – Cushion Strap Wedge Heel Sandals

These Cushion Strap Wedge Heel Sandals with a comfortable length of heels go very well with short string dresses which you often like wearing to parties and weekend brunches. Its simple look makes it very appealing and ideal for daily outdoor visits. A good pair of new Vanillashu Cushion Strap Wedge Heel Sandals will cost you around $32, which means that it also saves you money and gives you a great sense of style.

Vanillashu - Cushion Strap Wedge Heel Sandals
Vanillashu – Cushion Strap Wedge Heel Sandals

#7 Sovo – Women’s Sandals with Double Lines Strap

These famous and very trendy sandals available in different colors became a talk of the town in the early 2021s and are still very much in demand as they’re very simple, comfortable, and stylish for your daily needs. These sandals expose some parts of your foot, giving it a very decent look and keeps it cool during the spring winds and even hot and humid weather. This pair of Sovo Women’s Sandals with Double Lines Strap will cost you around $43.

Sovo - Women's Sandals with Double Lines Strap
Sovo – Women’s Sandals with Double Lines Strap

#8 Shoopen – Mary Jane Shoes

Shoopen Mary Jane Shoes give a very corporate look but are an ideal choice for the spring season. You can pair these sandals with your dresses, a pair of jeans, skirts and almost everything. They also go well with a pair of pantsuits giving it a formal, comfortable, and beautiful look. As for their price, they cost around $16 and will prove to be a good investment.

Shoopen - Mary Jane Shoes
Shoopen – Mary Jane Shoes

In the fashion industry, trends come and go like day and night; but these super cute Korean sandals are here to stay for a long time. They will add a pop of color and chic style to any outfit and make it way better!

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