Blue Wednesday – Newest Release from Korean Game Company Buff Studio

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Found in 2015, Buff Studio ventures into the world of gaming, where they take their chances in mobile games. They made games that get millions of downloads in a few days. As a result, they are now taking their creativity into PC and console games. Blue Wednesday is an interesting adventure and simulation game from Buff Studio. It is the latest release from the Studio and is making a decent amount of headlines. 

Blue Wednesday

Blue Wednesday is about a character who plays the role of a jazz pianist. Morris is a jazz lover who interacts with the world of NPCs. On top of that, there are other elements inside the game where Morris can interact with them. Moreover, there are mini-games and adventures that you can play and get music collectibles. 

You can move around the city and explore new objects, play piano and discover new things. Everything you do in this game, you do as Morris, the main character of Blue Wednesday. The developers of this game have designed the game to become mini-games and adventure-focused. In this way, you will also learn about the story behind Morris.

You will see plenty of cutscenes in the story, and it gives an in-depth story about the situation. The cutscenes are full of drama, intensity, and suspense at some points. Moreover, as a player, you will also have to narrate your own story. You will make choice-based decisions, and the story will progress accordingly. 

Blue Wednesday has more than 20 mini-games which you can play by interacting with the NPCs. Moreover, the mini-games provide a piece of information that can help you understand the narrative of Morris. In addition, you also get collectibles which can also be personalized according to your choices.

Morris is a jazz pianist in Evans City, and he navigates through the city. In the city, there are NPCs and objects that are the main elements of the game. Morris interacts with them and plays mini-games. Moreover, different cutscenes and conversations with various NPCs give you an amazing jazz experience.

Made With Unity Korean Awards nominated Blue Wednesday for the Best Innovative Award in 2022.

Features you will see when playing Blue Wednesday


In Evans City, Morris is a jazz pianist who roams around to explore the city. He interacts with NPCs in cutscenes and gets to play mini-games. Moreover, he also interacts with objects. In conclusion, you will learn about the narrative of Morris by doing all these activities in the game. As a result, you get the adventure of jazz, curiosity, and love.


Mini-games are one way to get hooked on this game. Each mini-games is curated based on the what NPC you are interacting with. In other words, the mini-games are set according to the course of action taken by Morris. 

Various stories of NPCs

Blue Wednesday has more than 10 NPCs, each with a unique interactive experience. You interact with these NPCs and get to choose your response. As a result, your story depends on what type of response you give. Moreover, the conversations between you (Morris) and NPC will give you collectibles.

Collect Music Sheet

The music sheets allow you to play euphoric tunes inside the game. Moreover, you can use the music sheets during the rhythm games. 

Get ready for some fun!

Live the life of a jazz pianist and explore the city of Evans. Blue Wednesday is set to be an amazing interactive game. You can get this game on Steam when it is released. Till then, you can play its demo version and take in the goodness of this game. 

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