DearBuds by Linkface: Best Earbuds from Korea for Your Music

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DearBuds is a Korean product that is not just a simple pair of earbuds but also an ear care product that maintains temperature/humidity within the ear.

In a fast-moving world, people love finding solace in music. Whether it is for a workout or some afternoon relaxation, the sense of hearing enhances the pleasure. Headphones or earphones were a thing of envy at a point, and people love owning them. But the wires would get in the way, and the noise cancellation was not as required. These lead to the invention of earbuds which is a one-inch-long device. It sits outside the outer ear canal and sends music waves to the eardrum. This device comes with no wire and gives ease of movement. However, it led to less air circulation in the ear, giving rise to humidity and infection. Linkface Co. Ltd. identified this gap and came up with the idea of incorporating technology that could improve the heathy of your ear.

About Linkface Co. Ltd. 

Founded in 2017, Linkface Co. Ltd. is a spinoff of Samsung Electronics. This company works towards interpreting the working of the human body. It uses devices to analyze physiological signs and body signals is the way forward for this group as they use conductive silicon to measure all readings. Its first product came out as silicon straps that you can pair with any everyday object. These straps sit around the back of your neck and send signals to an app regarding your health. 

Every product that this company makes comes from this conductive silicon, and it is safe for babies as well. It catches the weakest neural signal of the body and makes sure it gets read. Their BioNeckband monitors the heart activity and breathing pattern of the wearer. This device helps to check on people with high blood pressure and anxiety. The other product they own is a part of wireless wear phones called Dear. They have specially curated these for children, and they prevent hearing loss. The silicon in them sends out brain wavelength signals, and you can see then respond to sound. The seamless integration of conductive silicon makes every product a masterpiece.

DearBuds from Linkface Co. Ltd. 

DearBuds are the latest product from Linkface Co. Ltd., and they will put an end to your issues with earbuds. With their compact design and white color, you will never need another set again. The company manufactured these earbuds keeping in mind the problems faced by customers of almost all earbuds. Therefore, they created buds that let your ear breathe even when you have them on. The technology used in this product keeps the humidity level of your ear low. You will not face the problem of excess wax or infection from these buds. They not only provide you with good audio but work as personalized doctors for your ear. 


These earbuds are low in volume and come with a single-touch system. They are an overall ear monitoring unit that can scan the structure of your ear and give it the much-needed air. They can measure the humidity level of your ear and remove excess moisture too. They aid in air circulation, and the material does not cause any reactions. DearBuds made it to the honoree list of the 2022 CES Innovation Awards with their unique utility and design.

In the end!

While ear earbuds are inevitable, the least you can do is keep your ears clean and hygienic. Get your DearBuds at the earliest and keep those ears healthy. Help your body with DearBuds and experience a whole new level of sound.

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