Samsung Bespoke Appliances and Their Inspiring Designs

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Since its launch in 2019, the Samsung Electronics Bespoke line has allowed us to reimage the basic appliances like refrigerator in function and designs!

Bespoke takes creativity to a new level with its inspiring designs that express cultural influence and trends worldwide. Samsung has collaborated with designers to make some of the most intuitive home appliances

Global Designs

Samsung has been taking inspiration from artists around the world. The company wants to view its appliances from the perspective of their creativity. As a result, the company is taking a cue from top-level artists. Since 2019, Samsung has collaborated with many famous designers. These artists are Seungji Mun (furniture designer), Hasuk Jang (interior designer), and Jong Kim and Teo Yang (both strategy designers). In conclusion, these visionaries led the campaign for all Bespoke appliances and made them adaptable and customizable.

The initial Bespoke design stage took place in 2021 when French illustrator Thibaud Herem and American artist Andy Rementer introduced pop art to this design. Together all the artists took the leap for Bespoke designs and finally ventured the inspiration outside of Korea. As the design progresses, it becomes available on a global level.

Earlier this year, Alex Proba, founder of StudioPROBGA, created Bespoke appliances with her own creative touch. PROGBA took her inspiration from nature to express the panel designs. Moreover, her designs are available to purchase by consumers. Through this kind of collaboration, artists come up with intuitive and evolving Bespoke designs.

Samsung bespoke designs
Design by Alex Proba (Image: News.Samsung.com)

The global inspiration for Samsung Bespoke appliances and their designs comes from a patriotic perspective. In the United States, Samsung launched 4-Door Flex refrigerator panel designs inspired by the American flag. This design came into existence to celebrate July 4th, the nation’s independence Day. 

Across the continent of Europe, Queen Elizabeth II is also a source of inspiration. In May 2022, Samsung introduced limited edition panels with Union Jack Flag. This design is popular among Bespoke users in the UK for obvious reasons, especially in the Samsung Bespoke refrigerator. This is the design in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum Jubilee.    

Bespoke Jubilee Collection (Image: News.Samsung.com)

Focuses on What the Customers Want!

The Bespoke design approach has become popular largely by listening to customers. For instance, Samsung held a global design competition and offered Bespoke refrigerator panels to consumers as a platform for creative expression. In other words, they were given the panels as a blank canvas so that they could make creative designs and express their creativity.

The competitions began in Korea in 2019 with #BESPOKE Rendezvous. With the help of celebrities and performers, Samsung held a 3-day pop-up event on the hip streets of Hongdae, Seoul, to announce the design competition. The modularity of the Bespoke refrigerators in various combinations was demonstrated to attendees, and they were encouraged to develop their own designs to explore design freedom further. World-renowned graffiti artist Artime Joe of the street art group Stick Up Kids was also present at the event and gave a live drawing performance on refrigerator panels.

With over thousands of entries for Bespoke designs inspired from Korea’s history to modern art, the competition ended with the top three winners. This Bespoke contest’s winners were announced at the ProjectPRISM lifestyle showroom at Gangnam. All contest winners were invited to present their unique designs to other designers worldwide at the Milan Furniture Fair. 

Samsung bespoke designs

Alongside the designs, Samsung Bespoke also promotes the technology with Samsung electronics. In 2021, Samsung introduced Bespoke Creator AI, which recommends colors according to the designs. The AI studies the pictures of home décor sent by the users and recommends colors for them. As a result, all the Bespoke appliances are more accessible.

You can read more about Bespoke and its designs at Samsung.com

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