Snowl: A Korean Product to Control Your Devices by Simply Waving Hands

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Snowl is an innovative mouse from Korea that offers intuitive gesture control over your devices with minimal latency thanks to gesture M/L and 9DoF.

An intuitive finger mouse and joystick device is here to make your life convenient. Snowl started its journey on Kickstarter. The creator has raised more than $250K to fundraise the project, and long story short, the shipment also started in March 2020.

Don’t keep using the boring mouse that you use every day; some tasks on your computers and smartphones need a specific type of equipment, and that is Snowl. 

CoX Space Overview

CoX Space is a small Korean startup company that consists of only three engineers. These engineers love to create intuitive technology devices that provide convenience in our lives in one way or other. Their niche is to create daily-use electrical tools and make them enjoyable.

The CEO of CoX Space, Hans Kim, wanted to create a device that has the technology of a human interface and a 9DoF solution. Although implementing 9DoF was initially difficult, the team managed to use the IMU sensor for 9DoF. They outsourced the supply of IMU sensors from a global company. After that, the team creates their machine learning engine for gesture functionalities of Snowl.

What is Snowl?

Snowl is a tiny mouse that fits into your finger, and it is designed to bring 3-dimensional motions as opposed to the 2D motion that a traditional mouse brings. In addition, this mouse can also become a joystick for gamers.

This device has Bluetooth connectivity, and you can pair the Snowl with any smartphone, computer, or tablet. As a result, you can effortlessly switch between multiple devices without any issue. On top of that, Snowl also comes with 9DoF technology that allows you to have precise motion controls with low latency.

Gesture Mode

The gesture mouse mode is one of Snowl’s modes with eight presets that you can use freely. Moreover, the machine learning of the device stores all your gesture movement information. After that, each command or gesture that you perform will be understood by Snowl. The whole process of Snowl’s learning of which gesture performs what tasks are effortless and straightforward. 

Air Mouse Mode

Another similar mode that Snowl has is the Air mouse mode. As the name suggests, you can use the device like a mouse. However, you do not have to put it on a particular surface to use it. You can fit the device like a ring on your finger and use it as a wireless remote. Air mouse mode is convenient for long-distance use, and you do not have to be close to your screen to use it. There are 2 buttons in the device, and there are also swipe gesture functionalities to perform multiple actions. 

Joystick Mouse Mode

The third and last Snowl’s mode is the Joystick mode, and it requires the charging cradle as well. You have to fit the Snowl ring in the charging cradle, and the whole body can be used as a joystick. In addition, you need to place the device on a surface because it does not work in the air. With joystick mode, you can perform all types of functions to use the computer and play games.

Apart from the modes available in Snowl, the device as a whole is technologically advanced, and it is packing some other serious stuff in the hood. These advancements of Snowl ultimately result in the modes performing flawlessly. For starters, there is real-time processing for no latency, which makes your fast input demanding gaming experience amazing. Even with an adequate distance from the display, you will not see any significant latency that hinders the user experience negatively. 

With the gesture present in Snowl, you can create a custom gesture shortcut in the native snowl software. You can create up to 8 gestures and make each gesture perform a distinct task. After that, the 9DoF present in Snowl has a highly advances 3D spatial coordinate solution. The company has integrated the premium sensors that have 3 axis gyroscope, 3 axis accelerometer, and a magnetometer.  

Final Thoughts

Coxspace is looking to help people enjoy life, and they are certainly doing that with Coxspace. Snowl is a reliable and promising finger mouse and joystick that you can use as an addition to your regular mouse. Whenever you are consuming content, playing games, or just don’t want to use your regular mouse, Snowl can spice things up for you. 

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