Stay Cool This Summer with Innovative Cooling Bedding Products in South Korea

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Explore how South Korea bedding industry players are innovating to tackle summer, offering cooling solutions prioritizing comfort, quality, and energy savings.

With the summer heatwave sweeping across South Korea, the country’s bedding companies are rapidly responding to the surging demand for functional, cooling products. With soaring electricity bills and a desire to save on air conditioning costs, consumers are seeking bedding solutions that can lower body temperature and provide quick relief from sweat. This growing trend has led to increased market demand for cooling materials, with experts projecting the global market to reach $3.6 billion by 2026.

Sesa Living – An innovative cooling solution player in the South Korea bedding industry

One notable player in the industry is Sesa Living, the allergy-preventing bedding brand of Welcron Co. They recently introduced their summer ice bedding series, Sesa Ice Cooling. This lineup includes ice cooling pads, sheets, pillow covers, and cylindrical cushions designed to adapt to consumers’ changing lifestyles. Sesa’s innovative products, engineered to absorb and release body heat upon skin contact, create a refreshing sensation known as the contact cooling effect. Users can enjoy a comfortable sleeping environment even during the humid monsoon season or tropical nights.

south korea bedding industry functional summer products sesa living

To promote their cooling bedding products, Welcron has partnered with major department stores, such as Lotte, Shinsegae, Hyundai, and Galleria. Test results from their research institute have demonstrated that the ice bedding can lower the skin surface temperature by a remarkable 7.8 degrees Celsius immediately upon use. Moreover, the cooling sensation dissipates faster compared to regular bedding, which tends to retain heat for extended periods.

Daemyung Sonoseason Co. and functional summer products

Another Korean company, Daemyung Sonoseason Co., has promptly responded to the summer heatwave. They have launched their graphinol functional bedding, which combines cooling yarn and linoleum-graphene material. This innovative product boasts enhanced antimicrobial properties, deodorizing capabilities, tick-prevention functions, and improved durability.

EveZary and cooling bedding solutions

The focus on cooling materials extends beyond bedding companies alone. EveZary, a prominent bedclothes product provider, has joined the race to offer cooling bedding solutions. Their summer bedding options utilize natural cooling materials such as Modal, derived from the fiber of beechwood trees, and plant-based fibers like cotton. These products undergo a special processing treatment called Atocool, which incorporates xylitol, a refreshing natural ingredient, to maximize the cooling effect.

Other players in South Korea bedding industry

Yuhan Kimberly, a renowned manufacturer of hygiene products, has quickly introduced cooling materials in their line of products for infants. Understanding the vulnerability of babies to heat, these cooling materials help keep them comfortable and cool during hot summer days. Even pet owners can find relief for their furry friends with Sesa Puppy, a pet supplies brand that recently unveiled cooling products specifically designed for temperature-sensitive pets.

As the temperature rises, South Korean companies are stepping up their game to provide consumers with innovative and effective cooling solutions. Whether you’re looking for a restful night’s sleep or seeking relief from the summer heat, these cooling bedding products offer a refreshing respite while prioritizing comfort and quality.

Stay cool, save energy, and enjoy the summer with these cutting-edge innovations.

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