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Top 4 Korean Skincare Products To Beat The Heat From Korean Cosmetic Brand Innisfree

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Can you believe that summer is right around the corner? Seriously, where did the time go? We are all worried about the COVID-19 outbreak and the time has just flown by! Along with swapping out your cold-weather wardrobe and planning vacations, switching up your skincare routine should be on your summer checklist. And to help with that, there are some great products from the Korean skincare brand, Innisfree, that you can use to beat the heat this summer!

You can also check out the skincare routine as you transition into spring. 

Perfect summer skincare is not just about replacing thicker creams with lighter ones. You need to get some water-based formulations in your routine so that your face feels lighter. The ingredients should also be able to protect your skin against the sun and other stressors. The skincare routine needs to be more refreshing, hydrating, and light. The skin needs all the hydration it can get as summer can become too drying and harsh on our skin. 

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Line

Innisfree Green Tea Seed line is known for its luxurious hydration properties. You can replenish dry skin with the Korean beauty routine infused with Green Tea from organic fields on Jeju Island, Korea. Jeju Green Tea Extract replenishes hydration, and Jeju Green Tea Seed Oil nourishes and helps skin retain moisture. All four products from Innisfree for summer are free of any synthetic colors, imidazolidinyl urea, animal products, and mineral oil.

Korean skin care products
Innisfree Hydration Heroes to beat the summer heat

Hydrating Cleansing Foam with Green Tea

Korean skin care products innisfree summer products

Refreshing cleansing foam with Jeju Green Tea Extract from Innisfree hydrates skin while whisking away dirt and impurities, leaving skin feeling clean. The creamy and micro-fine bubbles of the cleanser come from a naturally derived surfactant from green tea roots. 

Intensive Hydrating Toner with Green Tea Seed

innisfree summer products

The lightweight, moisturizing toner is packed with antioxidants and amino acids from a balanced blend of green tea and green tea seed oil to help replenish and balance skin post-cleanse. It also contains panthenol, which helps in strengthening the skin. 

Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed 

innisfree summer products

The global best-selling lightweight yet nourishing serum from Innisfree instantly replenishes your skin’s moisture for a soft, glowing complexion. The gel serum is packed with amino acids and antioxidants, which provide a nourishing surge of hydration, making the skin smooth, soft, and glowing. 

Intensive Balancing Cream with Green Tea Seed

 Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Balancing Cream

A daily moisturizer infused with a blend of Jeju green tea and green tea seed oil to quench dry skin and lock in moisture. It delivers intense hydration to replenish essential moisture to the skin for a healthy glow. 

Hero Ingredient of Innisfree Products – Green Tea

You can read more about the role of Green Tea in making your skin beautiful

innisfree summer products

The green tea used in Innisfree formulations comes from USDA-organic farms on Korea’s Jeju Island. The new Beauty Green Tea is rich in 16 hydrating amino acids, and this green tea is a variety specialized in skin moisture. The freshly-squeezed, hydrating Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants that help replenish and neutralize skin for a natural glow.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed products are suitable for all skin types, and there are more skincare products in the range. They are not only perfect for summer, but they are ideal for all the seasons! The Innisfree products include a Lotion, Eye & Face Ball, Eye Cream, and Deep Cream, all the perfect products for summer.

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