The Top 10 Mobile Gaming Companies to Watch in South Korea

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Explore the top 10 mobile gaming companies in South Korea shaping the global gaming landscape and dive into their renowned titles.

With a thriving mobile gaming market still growing, South Korea has become a worldwide gaming powerhouse. In this article, we present the top 10 South Korean mobile gaming companies. We will delve into the accomplishments, renowned titles, and significant contributions of these mobile gaming companies to the industry.

The mobile gaming business in South Korea shares the nation’s well-earned reputation as a hub of game innovation. South Korea has produced some of the world’s most significant mobile game developers thanks to a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, original concepts, and a dedicated gaming community. Let’s investigate the notable contributions made to the gaming industry by the nation’s top 10 mobile gaming firms.


Established in 1994, Nexon has expanded to become South Korea’s largest gaming firm. One of its most popular games, Dungeon Fighter Online, was developed by its subsidiary, Neople. This game, sometimes known as DFO, has a huge fan base, particularly in China. Project Magnum, Mabinogi Mobile, Project ER, TalesweaverM, Project HP, Project MOD, and Project Overkill are just a few of the interesting forthcoming games in Nexon’s catalog. 


With its flagship titles Lineage and Guild Wars continuing to rule even in 2023, NCSoft stands tall as a significant participant in the South Korean gaming market. One of their notable releases, Lineage W, had a notable influence outside of South Korea on the worldwide market. NCSoft has also produced well-known games like Lineage 2 and Guild Wars 2, in addition to Lineage and Guild Wars.


Lineage 2, Marvel Future Fight, and Cookie Jam are just a few of the titles that Netmarble has successfully released as a market leader in South Korea’s mobile gaming industry. The business has also invested in other gaming behemoths, including HYBE and NCSoft Corp. Netmarble, the second-largest stakeholder with about $1.5 billion worth of NCSoft shares and a 25% ownership holding in HYBE.

Krafton Game Union

A well-known gaming firm in South Korea is Krafton Game Union, formerly known as Bluehole. It houses multiple studios and game development divisions, each producing original game titles. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), a very popular battle royale game, was developed by PUBG Corporation, one of Krafton’s prosperous subsidiaries. Mini Life (2021) is a fascinating game by Krafton that combines MMO and social networking features.

Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss, established in 2010, is well known for the outstanding open-world MMORPG Black Desert Online. This game became one of the most acclaimed MMORPGs available thanks to its amazing visuals, engaging gameplay, and expansive, richly detailed universe.

GameEvil Com2us

GameEvil Com2us, established in 2000, went public in 2009. In 2013, the firm changed its name to Gamevil Com2us after combining it with Com2us. Both businesses are still autonomous and majorly contribute to the mobile gaming industry.

Kakao Games

Kakao Games leverages the nation’s affinity for MMORPGs, employing strategies similar to other leading mobile gaming companies in Korea. As one of the mobile gaming companies in Korea, Kakao Games has established itself as a major participant in the market thanks to a smart strategy and intriguing game selections.


Webzen’s mobile series, MU Origin, has gained significant popularity. The company’s primary objectives are to distribute MU IP-based games created by Korean game developers and to collect royalties from MU IP licenses in China.

NHN Entertainment Corporation

NHN Entertainment Corporation made news for their partnership with Nintendo to create and manage Dr. Mario World mobile games. The company is evolving into an IT powerhouse, still prioritizing game development.

4399 Korea

With Mystery Hero Exhibition, their top PC game, 4399 Korea has established itself as the company’s first international division. Miracle Sword, a mobile gaming phenomenon in Korea, has strengthened the brand’s standing in the cutthroat South Korean gaming industry.


In conclusion, South Korea’s mobile gaming businesses continue to lead the way for the sector with their imagination and dedication to providing engaging gaming experiences. These top 10 gaming businesses from South Korea are influencing the future of mobile gaming and having a huge influence on the global gaming community thanks to their numerous hit games and strong global presence.

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