Selca: More Than Just a Korean Selfie

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Unravel the captivating world of the ‘Selca’ – Korea’s unique spin on the selfie. Learn trendy poses, foolproof tips, and the best apps to level up your Korean selfie game. Don’t miss out on this vibrant digital trend taking over the world!

Ever since front-facing cameras turned our lives upside down, the selfie revolution has taken the world by storm. Even the big guys in the Oval Office are guilty of a sneaky snap here and there. And let’s not forget that the word “selfie” made its grand entrance into the Oxford Dictionary in 2013.

When you travel to Korea, you will feel like a noob in the art of selfie. The locals are seasoned pros at this self-camera or “selca” game. The term, by the way, is a brilliant mash-up of “self” and “camera.”

If you ever hang out in a Seoul café, you will probably witness firsthand the local ritual of endless selca snapping.

What does Selca mean in Korea?

Okay, but what is a “Selca” anyway? In essence, it’s a Korean term for a selfie. 

Selca (셀카) is “self (셀프)” + “camera (카메라)” and a Korean-English word for a selfie.

But don’t be fooled, folks. The selca game in Korea is no ordinary affair.

So let’s break it down into two types of selca warriors we have here:

  1. The Sel-gi-koon: Basically, the deceptive kind. They look like movie stars in their selcas but not so much in person.
  2. The Sel-ca-go-ja: On the flip side, these poor souls are just not great at taking selcas despite being quite the lookers in real life. Another term for this tragic group is “sel-ca-ba-bo.”

Popular Poses for Taking a Selca

2023 has ushered in a fresh wave of selca poses. You might’ve seen this latest trend on your favorite K-pop idols’ socials – the “mirror selca (거울셀카).” This clever pose uses reflections to give you at least 3 of your faces for a selfie cube! Pretty cool, huh?

LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae & Lee Chae Min

Also, props to Rei from IVE for bringing the gyaru peace sign (inverted peace symbol), a massive trend in Japan, to the Korean selca scene in 2022.

Now, if you want your eyes to pop and you’re not big on eye makeup, angle your camera high above your head. It’s the classic ‘look-up-and-snap’ trick! And don’t forget the timeless ‘hand-next-to-cheek’ pose. Two hands are better than one when it comes to achieving that slim face illusion.

How to Take the Perfect Selca?

Okay, brace yourselves for the ultimate blueprint for a perfect selca:

  • Make lighting your bestie, especially if you need to hide some skin flaws.
  • The perfect angle? 45 degrees or just above eye level.
  • For the classic v-line, remember to tuck in your chin.
  • When using a camera, lock your eyes with the lens. If you’re using a smartphone, either the screen or lens will do.
  • Go for a natural laugh instead of a posed smile.
  • For a fun twist, try puffing your cheeks or winking.
  • Don’t shy away from experimenting with different expressions and angles.
  • Collages, stickers, blush – the sky’s the limit!

How often do Koreans take Selca?

The real question, though – how often do Koreans take selcas? The answer – all the time! From a simple meet-up with friends to a lavish dinner date, a selca session is always on the cards.

Why this selca frenzy, you ask? Well, the reasons are as varied as the poses themselves. Some say it’s a way to control their narrative in a society where looks matter. Others simply find it super fun!

Which apps do Koreans use for Selca?

Let’s not forget the all-important selca apps. The frontrunners are SODA for light beauty filters, SNOW for natural beautification with a side of fun virtual stickers, Instagram for the trendiest filters and stickers, and GiCa for those who prefer the ‘au naturel’ look with a touch of post-correction magic.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, folks! Your selca is your canvas, your chance to express yourself. And remember, this isn’t just for the ladies. Our male friends are just as involved in this vibrant culture. So, until next time, keep the Korean selfies coming! 

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