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Women Power: 10 K-Beauty Brands Owned By Women

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we dedicate this post to celebrate women in the beauty industry. There are several K-beauty brands that are owned by women as they understand our needs the best!

Most businesses are believed to be male-dominated domains. And even though women outspend men in the beauty market, only 29% of leadership roles are helmed by women (LedBetter’s Gender Equality Index). 

So, we are celebrating women’s success in the Korean beauty industry because an empowered woman empowers other women. 

Here are ten K-beauty makeup and skin care brands that you didn’t know are owned by women! Girl Power!!

The Pure Lotus

The Pure Lotus is the brainchild of Eugene Oh. It is a natural skin care brand from Jeju Island. The brand’s products are formulated with extracts from white lotus grown in a pond at the Beophwasa temple. The woman behind the impressive packaging is the founder’s very own mother, artist Kang Myeong-sun. 

VYVYD studio

As the name suggests, VYVYD studio is not your typical K-beauty makeup brand. It’s a relatively new brand (2019) with a wide range of colors that have never been seen before in the K-beauty market. There are eclectic colors in the collection – from moody deep blue to electrifying purple. Different facets and genres of music inspire the names. Everything from packaging, branding to art direction is designed to appeal to millennials. It’s a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand.


Former T-ara member Hyomin owns the Korean cosmetic brand. The brand was launched in 2019, and the name takes its cue from the founder’s name. It is a homonym of “minute,” which alludes to the brand’s philosophy of living in the moment. K-pop star obviously knows her way around makeup and skin care. The brand mainly shares her favorites with her fans through the MINITT brand. MINITT’s innovative and easy-to-use products are 100% made in Korea.


Kang Taeri, a Korean model, recently (2019) launched her very own beauty brand, CILY (Color Imagine Love Yourself). The brand boasts of colors that are as sweet and vibrant as the model herself. Even though it is a new brand, it has a huge fan base! The products are not only incredibly pigmented; they also have cute packaging. 


Kim So-hee started 3CE (3 CONCEPT EYES) way back in 2009. She was even lauded as one of Asia’s Latest Star Businesswomen in Forbes Asia’s ‘The Emergent 25’ list. The Korean beauty brand is known for its vibrant and highly pigmented products. The colors are bold and are not meant for the faint of heart. You can find neon greens to hot oranges and everything in between. 


Products from SOME BY MI are formulated with mild and skin-friendly ingredients. They are free of any harmful chemicals such as parabens and colorants, making them suitable for sensitive skin. The Korean skin care brand is well known for its AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle series. 

Peach C

Cosmetic brand Peach C was founded by the Korean model and blogger, Ha Neul. It’s a new Korean beauty brand that boasts fresh, bright and easy-to-wear shades. Ha Neul also runs the eponymous lingerie brand Haneul Haneul. The brand is famous for its matte lipsticks and eye shadows in sweet and juicy colors for a youthful look. 


TROIAREUKE is a professional Korean skin care brand that’s been around since 2011. The “areuke” in its name means beginning and foundation. TROIAREUKE’s foundation is built on providing perfect solutions for different types of skin. These products cater to various skin concerns from dry or aging skin to acne-prone skin. The brand was launched by a mom who was worried about her daughter’s skin.


iUNIK is a brand that has gained over 97% of customer satisfaction. The brand is an acronym for ‘Ideal, Unique, Naturalism, Ingredients, and Know-how.’ It is a hypoallergenic brand that has streamlined skin care with minimal ingredients. The formulations are for every skin type from oily to dry. It’s a minimalist brand with only 15 products in the range. 

RiRe Cosmetics

RiRe is a Korean brand that offers an array of skin care and makeup products. It has a wide variety of exfoliating products, and Style Black Head Brush Cleanser is one of the best sellers. It is a member of the cosmetics manufacturer, IW Company. The brand also offers a variety of body and hair care products that are cruelty-free and all made in Korea. 

We hope that our selection of women-owned K-beauty brands inspires you to support all budding female entrepreneurs. Did you know all these brands are under women’s leadership? Tell us in the comments below!

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