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Best K-beauty Communities to Find Inspiration

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Join any of these best K-beauty communities to get reviews, ratings, and tips on various K-beauty brands, products, and even tips from skincare experts!

Before buying any beauty product, people seek others’ opinions and reviews about the particular products. However, they do not depend on magazines to read their reviews. Instead of that, people go online to get detailed information regarding beauty products.¬†

This is why it has become so essential for K-beauty brands to connect with their customers online, especially after the COVID pandemic. A K-beauty brand can best connect with people through K-beauty communities. 

Here are some best K-beauty communities that you can follow today. Korean beauty startups start all these K-beauty communities. In these communities, you can find people with similar interests as yours and get their recommendations on beauty products. 

1.   PowderRoom

PowderRoom is a reliable beauty community platform that has been offering its service for quite some time. Through this platform, beauty brands can connect with consumers globally. From skincare to cosmetics to haircare, PowderRoom provides you with news and reviews on various topics. Powder Room has over 3.5 million people subscribed and registered members in its community. This gained global attention due to its beauty products, technology, and social elements. 

The community of PowderRoom beauty began in 2003 at Naver Cafe. This project aims to attract, inform and sustain K-beauty consumers and make them aware of different products and new beauty technologies. 

If you are also interested in joining this community, then you can visit its website or get the PowderRoom app. 

Best K-beauty Communities

2.   Woohwaman

Woohwaman is an interactive K-beauty community. Here the beauty brands and consumers can interact with each other very easily. The best feature of this community is that the users can submit their ideas for new beauty products. Then the consumers can have an interactive discussion and recommendations about that idea. The platform will then analyze all the comments and help the idea transform into a real product. 

Therefore, Woohwaman helps K-beauty brands to transform their ideas into reality. On this platform, anyone can share their idea through an online application. Once your idea gets selected, then the production gets started, and the users get cut off the product’s sale by 3%.

Best K-beauty Communities

3.   Picky

Picky is the right platform for you if you are looking for a mobile community to discover and learn about various K-beauty products and brands. If you are a K-beauty brand, then the Picky platform can help you grow your consumer base not only in South Korea but also in the United States. There are thousands of user ratings and reviews on Picky. You will also find numerous beauty experts sharing their experience and knowledge on this mobile platform. 

The successful K-beauty brand B2LiNK has acquired Picky to expand its network and consumer reach. B2LiNK is known for its innovative products, and with Picky, it can interact with thousands of its loyal and regular users. Picky is considered to be an “everyday” app for beauty enthusiasts. 

4.   Zamface

Zamface is a mobile app that was developed by Zakdang, which is a Korean beauty startup. With the help of AI and facial recognition, Zamface will help you find the best content creators and streamers who will give you tips based on your skin type, contour, and tones. Over 1.8 million people are subscribed to this app, and 94% of them belong to the females of millennials and Gen Z. 

The right Korean beauty creators are hard to find, especially when some of their videos can be an hour long. However, you can avoid such situations by using the AI technology of Zamface.

Special service provided on Zamface

Zamface offers a Time Jump Service. With this feature, you need not watch the whole YouTube video, but you can jump to the part which gives you the required information. By using the AI technology of Time Jump Service, you can mark specific chapters in a video and create the option of a time jump. Their AI can also recognize the objects and movements in the given videos. 

Best K-beauty Communities

You can easily join any of the above-mentioned K-beauty communities and get reviews, ratings, and tips on various K-beauty brands and their products. More importantly, if you seek skincare tips and guidance from an expert, then you will get that by being a part of these communities.

The best part is that you can access and follow any of these K-beauty communities through their website or respective apps. 

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