Exploring the Animated Realm: Best Korean Anime Series to Watch

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Dive into the world of Korean anime with our guide to the best series! Explore diverse genres, intricate plots, and stunning animation from Korea’s finest.

The manga industry in Korea is booming, garnering interest from people around the world. The Japanese manga culture set the trend and rapidly influenced Korean culture. Now, there are great collections of Korean-origin anime to watch. However, today, we want to give you the best Korean anime series of all time. This guide is an excellent start if you are beginning your journey into Korean anime.

Tower Of God

The most well-known anime series from Korea is “Tower of God.” In this anime, we meet Bam, a small kid who unintentionally ends up in a magical tower filled with dangers and creatures. In this series, the viewer will see a realm of mystery and discovery as Bam sets out on his mission to negotiate the tower’s dangerous levels.

The show creates surprise and anticipation by unveiling the tower’s significance. Moreover, viewers will be thrilled to see the mysterious characters that inhabit them. The compelling tale of the “Tower of God” stands out because each tower floor introduces fresh challenges and insights.

Closers: Side Blacklambs

“Closers: Side Blacklambs” is at the forefront of the top Korean anime series. A group of young people who are recruited to fight against extraterrestrial invaders threatening Earth are introduced to us in this fascinating animation. The series intricately weaves the characters’ development and acquisition of new skills into the plot, enriching the narrative.

“Closers: Side Blacklambs” is set in Seoul, South Korea, and flawlessly merges classic 2D animation with state-of-the-art computer-generated images. The end product is a visual extravaganza that perfectly encapsulates the narrative’s intense action sequences and surprising plot turns.

The Fake

In his outstanding 2013 Korean animated film “The Fake,” director Lee Sung-gang employs a unique tale delivery method. The story centers on a community where a fake religion has taken over and is using taxes and strict obedience to its rules to establish control. The story’s central conflict is the people’s resistance to persecution.

The movie delves deeply into the individuals’ psychological and emotional agony as the tension rises. The film “The Fake” deftly examines issues of deceit, naive trust, and the power that comes from solidarity in the face of hardship.


The best Korean anime series “Noblesse” provides a fresh take on the vampire subgenre. The protagonist, Rai, is a valiant and powerful vampire who awakens after 820 years. Frankenstein, a human who serves as his mentor and friend, directs his entry into the contemporary world.

Rai finds the remarkable powers that make him distinct as he maneuvers through the challenges of contemporary life. The show explores issues of identity, acceptance, and the ties that develop between many animals. A captivating fusion of action, personal growth, and supernatural intrigue can be found in “Noblesse.”

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is another ongoing theme in this list regarding a young prodigy becoming a Hero. It is a story about a young man who improves his abilities. Sung Jin-Woo, the protagonist of this series, learns that he can master his abilities by killing his enemies. The story unfolds from an outbreak, where the protagonist unexpectedly finds himself.

The objective of Sung Jin-Woo is to find where and how the outbreak took place. In the journey, he finds his companions, and together, they fight against the evil from destroying the world. Solo Leveling is for action lovers and those who like the journey of adventures. This Korean series will keep you hooked to your screens.

Wonderful Days

Wonderful Days has a survival theme story where a group of people tries to survive in the post-apocalypse era. As you can already tell, the timeline of Wonderful Days sets in the future. The survivors are confined within towering walls. There, they do everything to survive, including creating food and eating it. The main character of Wonderful Days is Jay, who is a teenager with a rebellious character. Her arc of becoming a distinctive personality comes with behavior that always puts her in trouble. Jay finds a mysterious book about a city that is no longer proper due to pollution. She embarks on her journey from that moment and begins her quest in search of this city. In the journey of Jay in Wonderful Days, she comes across the side character Tae-won, who has his own sets of skills.  

The God of High School

This Korean anime series is interesting as the protagonist aims to become a great fighter. Mori Jin’s dream to become the best fighter starts when he is invited to compete in a popular fighting tournament. In the tournament, Mori Jin finds out that his competitors are also very strong. As a result, he wants to train well and improve his skills to become the champion. The God of High School has a lot of fight scenes among the best of the best.

The animation is amazing, with great detailing, plus all the characters are distinctive. There are various personalities to like, and you can have your favorite characters. 

A Day Before Us

A Day Before Us is a light-hearted show about two girls who are best friends. Jiyoon and Yuha magically teleport back to the Joseon Dynasty, where the interesting part begins. The girls must find a way to return to their own timeline. However, their objective takes a lot of time as a result, they also end up fitting in with the harsh Joseon era. The girls also make friends from the Joseon Dynasty and some foes. The relationship between Jiyoon, Yuha, and their friends is commendable to watch in this series. The story of A Day Before Us gives a moral message about true friendship. 


Based on a beloved Korean folktale, Oseam is a wholesome series that will make all the viewers emotional. Oseam contains the story of Osamu, a blind kid who wanders to the world in search of his mother. Osamu finds new friends in his quest to find his mother. He becomes friends with a rabbit who can talk, a girl who is an orphan, and a mountain spirit. The series showcases beautiful visuals with the perfect blend of characters that viewers are going to love. 


South Korea is a popular place for anime and has hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. You should pick one from this guide if you are here for a good time from watching the all-time best Korean anime. 

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