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CareLabs Babitalk – Plastic Surgery and Skin Treatment Review Platform

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Babitalk, an informative platform for plastic surgery in beauty health care, is looking to expand its market. Read ahead to learn more about Babitalk and the company behind it, CareLabs.

Overview of CareLabs

Yoo Doo-ho, chief marketing officer of CareLabs, has had a major impact on the growth of Babitalk. He figuratively spun off Babitalk from its parent company, CareLabs, in May 2021. To be more specific, the Chief Marketing Officer introduced the paid membership system for the first time in a South Korean-based company. He previously worked in the operations of the e-commerce system of eBay, an American-based platform. 

CareLabs is a South Korean company that mainly focuses on developing and selling software. This company works in subsidiaries tackling various healthcare industry aspects. CareLabs is divided into three segments with proper distribution of resources to each of them. 

Healthcare Digital Marketing focuses on planning, agency business, and production. After that, the Healthcare Media platform supplies information regarding hospital pharmacy search services and beauty care apps. The products that come under this segment are sold under Babitalk and GOODOC. Lastly, the Healthcare Solution Segment focuses on customer relationship management (CRM) software. Moreover, this segment also deals with prescription security systems and pharmacy billing programs. CareLabs distributes its products within domestic as well as overseas market.

What is Babitalk?

Babitalk is a mobile application that provides information about plastic surgery. The app only worked in South Korean geographic previously; however, the company behind this app, CareLabs, is looking for overseas expansion. This is the result of the drastic success of Babitalk in South Korea. Domestic growth with a non-traditional approach to marketing that attracts customers. The marketing allows buyers to make careful decisions about plastic surgery.

This mobile platform by CareLabs is South Korea’s no. 1 app in the beauty health care category. It connects users with experts, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists that suit the client’s needs. On top of that, Babitalk also generates profits from brokerage fees. Unlike other beauty platforms that only offer surgeons without asking anything prior, Babitalk is an active community of users who gets to share their experience. As a result, it improves the reliability and trust among the users as well as between users and the company.

Babitlak has a website with over 4.4 million downloads and 830,000 monthly visitors. In addition, there are over 450,000 cumulative experience reviews on the platform. The app provides information about surgery and hospitals, including user reviews and introduction videos.

In the end

Yoo Doo-Ho has a philosophical message highlighting not just doing surgery but thinking about it first. As a result, the company performed really well and had tremendous sales growth. 

Babitalk had strategic marketing to attract customers in the early days. Although the marketing has worked amazingly, now the company is focusing on showing brand value and vision. Yoo-Do Hoo wants people of Korea and others to have access to Babitalk before doing plastic surgery or skin treatment.  

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