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CORINGCO – A K-Beauty Makeup & Cosmetics Brand

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The K-beauty brand, CORINGCO started as a manufacturer of makeup brushes in 2006 and has now expanded its business into skincare and makeup.

Korean beauty products are a rage in the market, and new brands are exploring this segment and culling out unique products. With K-Beauty’s craze reaching gaining global magnitude, it is a lucrative industry to invest in. Many Korean beauty companies put together traditional secrets and research-based ingredients to make an effective product. Their products work on eliminating the cause of skin issues rather than just attacking the problem. CORINGCO is one such K-beauty brand from Korea that is working on making your skin healthy from within. 

Introducing CORINGCO

2006 saw the rise of a new future makeup giant named CORINGCO (코링코 코스메틱). It started with just makeup brushes but now has full-blown skincare and makeup portfolios. They manufacture products only in South Korea. You create a perfect makeup look that speaks to your personality with CORINGCO’s range of cosmetic products in bright and vibrant colors. 

Incorporating natural and Hanbang detailed products has given this company an edge above the rest. Ranging across lipsticks, brushes, compacts, and BB creams. Amongst others, their current list is unending. Below are some of their best-selling that could make your makeup routine lively.

Cotton Candy Capsule Makeup Brush

The makeup applicator brushes come in a set of four. Cute like cotton candy, they are white and pink. There is one large and three smaller brushes in this capsule-looking pack. It comes with a cover for all of them and converts into a travel-friendly accessory. The cut of the fur on the brushes is such that it covers the facial contours well. The bristles are hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. These brushes do not cause rash or irritation. 

Ahjamongda Sleeping Lip Mask

CORINGCO Ahjamongda Sleeping Lip Mask A moisturizing lip mask ensuring fresh and supple lips. This product has ingredients in a concentrated form and is effective overnight. Shea Butter and Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed butter create a barrier that does not allow natural moisture to evaporate. It does not contain silicone oil, paraben, or any artificial ingredients. Hence, it does not irritate the skin. This unique lip mask effectively removes dry and dead cells with one swipe. All you need to do is take a generous amount and apply it overnight. Wipe it off in the morning before your skincare and makeup routine. 

Stem Cell Rich Cream

Sold in a wide mouth, flat steel case, the cream is smooth. This cream is ideal for skin that needs to recover from sun damage. The K-beauty brand, CORINGCO, makes it with natural ingredients and Squalane that calms down any skin irritation. The Stem Rich Cream is suitable for use after any dermatological procedures. The culture extract from the callus protects the skin’s natural barrier and strengthens it. It is non-sticky and gets absorbed quickly. You can heal sun-burnt skin with the Stem Cell Rich Cream.

Gold Peel Phytogen Peel Solution

CORINGCO makes various peeling solutions to purify the skin, and the best of the lot is the Gold Peel. This product is worth every penny as it combines the power of licorice, glycerine, Centella Asiatica, multiple flower-based ingredients, and 24K gold. The 99% pure gold works as the skin vitalizer and purifier. The instruction to use mentions that you must mix it with their COC Peel Phytogen Power. Apply evenly on the skin upon mixing in the instructed quantities. Use your finger to roll it off and wash the leftover with water. It is rejuvenating and leaves behind smooth and glowing skin.

In The End

A well-researched K-beauty brand, CORINGCO brings forward its love for plant-based products. Combining nature and technology gives them the edge and makes their products shine. Its makeup is light and natural, while the skincare products are nourishing. Even the accessories like brushes, compact applicators, and eyelashes use hypoallergenic material that suits all skin types. CORINGCO is constantly exploring to make products for curing underlying skin conditions to provide healthy skin. Look at their offerings, and you will find something of your interest.

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