Futurepia: A Korean Blockchain Platform for Social Media

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An open-source, public blockchain platform called Futurepia was created to assist organizations, enterprises, and startups in switching to the blockchain. It is a Korean startup blockchain company that released DApps called SNAC. This app has a daily active user count of 10,000+. Moreover, the user base is scattered across 40 different countries. SNAC is available to download for free on Android and iOS. Users can also access the web version on their web browser.

Futurepia is based on the 4th generation DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm, which addresses earlier versions’ scalability, security, and usability problems. Other helpful modules offered by Futurepia include live streaming, smart wallets, communication networks, and P2P Cloud API. In addition to mainnet core engine APIs. Futurepia received the “Most Innovative Blockchain Award” at the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Switzerland in 2018 as a result of these ground-breaking solutions. 

Futurepia’s PASTA protocol enables the incorporation of blockchain technology into daily life by providing a variety of developer and user-friendly options. THE SSO (Single Sign-on) feature removes all the burdens for users. It enhances the user experience by eliminating the need for multiple private keys for each DApps. 

Features of Futurepia


The security system of Futurepia has a DDPoS algorithm that resolves the risk regarding the 3rd generation of blockchain technology. DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of stake) uses 21 delegated nodes, out of which 17 are master nodes. On the other hand, the remaining 4 nodes are random. Because of this complex selection process, the risk of any issue between the nodes becomes less. 


Korean research lab KOLAS (acknowledged by 72 different countries) measures the scalability of Futurepia. It ensures that the platform meets the 300000 TPS mainnet speed criteria. The company has scaled its business if KOLAS certifies the TPS mainnet speed.

Developer Friendly

There are more than 100 APIs available for developers in Futurepia. As a result, the developers can integrate those APIs and create DApps. In addition, they don’t have to learn a new programming language. 


The solutions for wallet issues in Futurepia are complex. Moreover, users have to deal with multiple private keys for each DApps. It is hard to keep up with all the private keys and various wallets. As a result, Futurepia resolves these problems by presenting a single sign-on feature. This feature uses pasta protocol where users need only one ID & password for all DApps in Futurepia blockchain. Above all, it makes everything in the blockchain seamless and makes mass adoption more realistic.


Previously, the solutions for the expense were very costly for both developers and end-users. For instance, DApps developers have to stake huge tokens to deploy apps. On the other hand, users have to pay USD 0.112 on average, as it is what Ethereum charges. This was the transaction fee back then; however, the new platform brings cost-effectiveness. As a result, the transaction fees are @ KRW1 (USD 0.0001) per transaction. Moreover, DApps developers don’t have to stake huge EOS tokens whenever they want to deploy an app. 

App to DApp

One of the most influential developments of DApps is in business. Futurepia presents DApps that are suitable for many businesses alongside other important features. These features can be customization, blockchain-based transaction, token rewards and crypto wallets, etc. 


While many Korean platforms still require global exposure to achieve their full potential, it is important to provide them with the support they need. The emergence of many Korean-based blockchain startups has definitely eliminated major known barriers. CEO of SigmaChain, Kwak Jin Young, believes that blockchain has a promising future and has already helped many Korean platforms reach the global level. 

Futurepia, which has launched a social media blockchain consisting of rewards, is doing amazing. So far, they have partnered up with brands from Asia, Europe, and the USA. On top of that, they have already established a Sigmachain Office in the USA. 

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