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Jamsu – The K-Beauty Makeup Hack Bella Hadid Swears By!

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‘Jamsu’ is a K-beauty makeup hack that involves dunking your fully made-up face with foundation, powder, and concealer in a bowl of cold ice water!

Routines and regimes are essential components of Korean beauty. They’ve taught their fans how to organize and structure skincare and makeup procedures, and they’re always coming up with new ways to improve them. Whether they come from tradition, rituals, technology, or trial and error, these new methods catch on with fans quickly and become trends. Jamsu is one such trend that even celebrities are following. It is the K-beauty makeup hack that everyone is following, including Bella Hadid, and it has taken the world by storm to create long-lasting makeup looks.

It’s certainly not a new technique as Bella Hadid told Huda Kattan in an interview a few years back. Thanks to a recent TikTok video, jamsu has returned as a topic of conversation in the beauty and makeup world. 

What Is Jamsu and Its Steps?

The word Jamsu means “dipped or submerged.” This is precisely what this technique requires. One must immerse their face, makeup and all, in an ice bath of water for a set amount of time before patting it dry. As this hack requires caution, you must follow the steps below precisely. 

  1. Cleanse and dry your face with a double cleanse to remove all impurities. 
  2. Apply your go-to moisturizers and toners
  3. The next step is to apply makeup to your face, so prepare it by using your preferred base or primer
  4. Proceed to the next step, which is to apply a base foundation followed by a concealer
  5. Brush a generous amount of loose branded powder on your face. This is an important step.
  6. Allow the powder to settle before applying makeup.  
  7. Fill a large bowl halfway with ice-cold water, deep enough to submerge your entire face. 
  8. Now, submerge your face in the ice water for the recommended time. 
  9. Timing is critical here, as people with oily skin should stay for 30 seconds, while those with normal or dry skin should only stay for 15 seconds!
  10. Gently pat your face dry with a light towel. 

What you get at the end is a sealed-in base for your other makeup to go on top of. Because this technique dries out the face, your makeup has a matte finish.

Benefits of Using the Jamsu Hack

Jamsu has so many benefits that celebrities such as ace model Bella Hadid swear by it, and top makeup artist Huda Kattan uses it herself. You will have baby-like skin with a matte finished makeup look. This effect is said to last all day, and makeup will be simple to remove. It creates an airbrushed effect, and your makeup will appear to have been applied by a professional. It is a blessing for people with oily skin because it does not allow makeup to melt away. Every minute, you’ll appear as if you made yourself up. This technique gives the skin a more youthful appearance. Once the skin has become even, and matte, applying the finishing touches of makeup to it is easy and results in a flawless finish.

To Wrap It Up!

Whether you are a model for a magazine cover or someone aspiring to be one, every person can use this jamsu makeup hack to achieve that oil-free, matte look. No heading to the ladies’ room every hour to fix the foundation as this trend will keep it in place. If you have not already dipped your face in cold water, try Jamsu and experience fuss-free makeup all day long. 

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