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Get a radiant skin like Red Velvet’s Joy by following her 10 steps to Korean skin care

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Try this daily routine to get glowing skin like Joy’s!

No one can actually match Red Velvet’s Joy’s beauty, but you can get close to having a radiant skin just like hers. And the way to do it is to follow her 10 steps to Korean skin care. 

red velvet joy
Pic Credit: Twitter – Red Velvet

Although we may not understand all the words of K-Pop songs, we still like it! We are huge fans of not just their music, but we also want to explore the beauty of K-Pop, our favorite K-pop idols. Unfortunately, K-Pop stars are forbidden to share their favorite skin care products due to endorsements deals and contracts. But, they can share every single step of their routine.

10 Steps to Korean Skin Care by Joy from Red Velvet

Through this post, we explore the 10 step Korean skin care routine of Joy from Red Velvet. She spilled her beauty routine in an interview with Allure in 2019

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Step 1: Wash your Face

As in the Korean skin care routine, Joy starts her routine with a cleansing step. She uses an oil cleanser to remove break down makeup and dirt from the skin. 

Step 2: Wash AGAIN!

She follows up the washing with a double cleansing step. In this step, she uses a water-based cleanser that hydrates and smooths the skin. Joy prefers to use cleansing foam for this. 

Step 3: Apply Sheet Mask 

Sheet masks are one of the favorite Korean skin care products of many K-Pop idols for hydration. Joy from Red Velvet prefers to use a cream mask which is designed to soften, tone, and lift skin. 

Step 4: Tone your Skin

To moisturize and refresh her skin, Joy uses a liquid toner. It restores any pH imbalances caused by the cleansers used in the first two steps. The toner also tightens the skin pores. 

Step 5: Tone your Skin AGAIN!

Joy is certainly a fan of ‘double’ skin care steps as she likes double toning along with double-cleansing. A foaming bubble toner is the choice toner after using liquid toner in the previous step. Most bubble toners have some exfoliating compounds which can remove dead skin cells. 

10 steps to korean skin care
Pic Credit: @RVsmtown – Joy

Step 6: Treat Skin with Ampoule

After double cleansing and double toning, Joy uses products that focus on treating specific skin issues. She uses a moisturizing ampoule, which is like a serum. The active ingredients are even in a higher concentration than serum, and Joy prefers to use a moisturizing ampoule. 

Step 7: Treat your Skin

It’s hard to believe that your favorite K-Pop stars can get something as simple as spots. But, they are just as human as the rest of us. Joy uses a spot treatment every day to get rid of any blemishes and breakouts. She uses this treatment only at night. 

Step 8: Moisturize your Face

The final step in Joy’s daytime skin care routine is to slather on a moisturizer. It boosts the skin’s hydration, and she uses a moisturizer with a non-sticky finish. For night time, she adds on two more steps after skin moisturization. 

Step 9: Protect your Skin

As a part of the night-time routine, she applies a barrier cream, which forms a protective layer on the skin. It prevents any contaminants from irritating the face overnight. 

Step 10: Apply a Sleeping Mask

Lastly, Joy uses a sleeping mask before going to bed. Just like cream masks, sleeping masks are massaged into the skin to soothe and hydrate. You can leave these masks overnight so that the skin is radiant from the moment you wake up. 

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The Bottom Line

Although everyone’s skin is different, you can find the best Korean skin care products to fit in the routine that tailors to your skin. And you can always take inspiration from Red Velvet Joy’s skin care tips.

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