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Korean DIY Gel Nail Stickers – Self Nail Art is Trending!

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Self nail art is trending as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to learn several at-home things – from making dalgona coffee to binge-watching K-dramas on Netflix. Korean DIY gel nail stickers will be your best friends for DIY nails as you are unable to go to your favorite salon! Now, you don’t have to be an artist to create some of the amazing nail designs at home that you see on your Insta-feed!

DIY nail art started as simple nail stickers but now has expanded into something marvelous. There are gel nail stickers that can be cured with an LED gel lamp. You can even get you hands on a nail sticker printer to custom print your nail designs!

Here are some of the Korean DIY gel nail stickers that you can get straight from Korea or


Ohora is a favorite Korean DIY nail art brand for all the locals in Korea. You will see it very frequently in social media feeds at least once! With the excellent marketing strategies of the brand, Ohora is the name that comes to mind when people think of gel nail stickers.

There are a lot of mani and pedi designs that you can choose from and there is a constant inflow of new designs that you can try.

Price Range: US$ 11 and up

Gelato Factory

K-pop fans might be familiar with the gel nail sticker brand as Taeyeon was their muse some time back. Although the brand isn’t as popular as it once was, their collection of DIY nail stickers are excellent!

Gelato Factory has three lines of products – Hatto Hatto Fit PRO, Hatto Hatto Fit BASIC, and Ddibu Ddibu Tip Nail. Hatto Hatto Fit PRO is the line of gel nail stickers. Hatto Hatto Fit BASIC includes all the regular nail stickers, and Ddibu Ddibu Tip Nail is the range of press-on nails. You can use Long Long Gel Top on all the products from Gelato Factory to give them a gel coat.

Price Range: US$ 8 and up

Dashing Diva

Dashing Diva is coming into the limelight especially after BLACKPINK’s Jennie became their new muse. This Korean brand is certainly on its way to being the next ‘IT’ Korean DIY gel sticker brand!

There are two major product lineups in the range – Magic Press and Glaze. Magic Press is a simple stick-on nail kit that doesn’t need an LED lamp. The Glaze on the other hand gives a long-lasting shinier finish.

Price Range: US$ 11 and up


NAILPOP is certainly different from all the other brands mentioned in the article. This kit comes with a nail sticker printer so that. You can design your one-of-a-kind nails. They have their own app where you can create your designs and then print them with the nail sticker printer on the spot!

The kit comes with 10 sheets and the nail stickers are FDA approved.

The NAILPOP is a celeb promoted brand with Lee Se-young (from Netflix drama Sweet Home) and Yura (from Girl’s Day) endorsing it.

nail pop Korean DIY Gel Nail Stickers

The stickers from NAILPOP are not gel stickers. You have to cure the top gel at the end so that they can last longer.

Price Range: US$ 250


EDGEU is the youngest player in the Korean DIY nail stickers industry. Their social media presence goes back to just December 2020. They fall in the same price range as all the other options.

At present, they don’t have a large collection of designs available but it is certainly a brand that you can look forward to doing well in the future!

Price Range: US$ 11 and up

You can check out this video about how to apply DIY gel nail art stickers.

So, what do you think about DIY gel nail stickers from Korea? Are you going to try any of these products at home while you enjoy self nail art? Let us know in the comments below!

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