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Best Seaweed Snacks from Korea

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Seaweed is a remarkable plant that grows on the seabed and provides many nutrients when consumed. A large part of the world consumes this plant in various forms, and it even provides skin nourishment. In today’s busy lifestyle, it is not always possible to get fresh products from the market. Hence the best way is to rely on pre-made food. Korean Seaweed snacks are not very common but are delicious. Once you get used to their taste, it is bound to get you hooked. DYSSKOREA.Co. makes Seaweed edibles incorporated with Traditional Korean seasoning. 

What is DYSSKOREA.Co.?

The company got established in 1989 and is the top distributor, manufacturer, and seller of Seaweed snacks in South Korea. This company even has certifications from FSSC22000 and HACCP and a state-of-the-art production facility. They also make dry fish and Daecheon laver along with this product. Their time-tested food items are 30 years into production, and they have never received complaints. Their Seaweed snacks come in two major categories; roasted and seasoned. A few of these delicious products are below: 

Crispy Sea Snack Korean Spicy Flavor

This new product, from the house of DYSSKOREA.Co. has a global approach to it. It does not come with any meat component. Hence, there is no restriction to exporting it into countries that do not eat meat. The powering taste of this snack is GOCHUJANG which combines sweet and spicy flavors and saves your tongue from burns. It does not have the hot wasabi taste that was a part of their old recipe. Other flavors in this product are oleoresin capsicum, red pepper, and Korean BBQ.  

Otter Mong Children Seaweed Snack CA+

Specially designed for children, this one does not have extra oil and is low on salt. It only has olive oil and calcium and zinc additives. The overall fatty acid component in it is lower, which does not pump cholesterol into the children from an early age. As these snacks have added calcium, mothers do not have to worry but not providing this nutrient to their children. One can categorize it under the healthy munching options for the little ones. 

Chunghaesim Original Seaweed Snack

The original Korean Seaweed snack is crispy and crunchy, and this flavor is an all-time favorite. The seaweed here is lightly seasoned and undergoes the roasting process twice, and it is then cut into smaller squares that can fit a plastic bag.

Otter Moong Crispy Sea Snack with Cumin

The Otter Moong snack combines the original Korean Seaweed flavor with the earthy essence of the spice cumin in these snacks. Skewers of lamb are the base note of this snack. Another unique feature of this product is that the cumin seeds sit on top of the crisps, and new technology prevents these seeds from falling off the crisps so, no taste is lost. Skewers of lamb is a company patented flavor and is available for people all over the world.   

DYSSKOREA.Co. also makes big seesawed snacks that come in large packets and have enormous pieces of crisp Seaweed. With innovations of the children-focused line and patented flavors, they are quickly taking over the market. They even have a specific product for rice balls; Rice balls are an everyday meal in Korean households. Their roasted snack is Yari Nori, which is specially prepared by not adding extra spices to the raw material. This company has many new products and is already present in the Chinese, US, and Australian Markets.

To Conclude!

With life becoming more on-the-go, snacking is the new way people eat food. Every time you munch something edible, the body gets energy. But the overall well-being gets compromised because of the various fats and additional salts in some consumables. Everyone wants new products that somehow benefit their health yet keep them satiated. The Seaweed snacks from DYSSKOREA.Co. are the answer to all your snack time worries. Grab your favorite flavor at the earliest as it sells out fast. 

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