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Hitejinro – Local Soju Brand Taking Over the World

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HiteJinro Soju is Korea’s number one distilled spirit; now, everyone can enjoy this traditional Korean liquor’s smooth and clean taste worldwide.

Soju is a popular Korean drink and has been rising in popularity. Its popularity is mainly due to the growth of Korean culture and cuisine worldwide. A local soju brand HiteJinro is taking the world by storm. This has gained massive growth since its birth. 

Overview of HiteJinro Co., Ltd.

HiteJinro is a South Korean-based drink, brewing, and distiller company. It was founded in 1924 and is now the world’s leading Soju producer. Half of the total beverages sold in the country are from HiteJinro. 

The company also produces other alcoholic beverages, such as red wine and whiskey. HiteJinro’s distilleries are located in several parts of Korea, such as Icheon, Cheongwon, and Masan. Masan plant, in particular, is focused on exports. Moreover, HiteJinro also produces a soksu brand named water bottle in Cheongwon. 

Rise of the JINRO Soju

JINRO soju has undergone many changes in its appearance and alcohol content. The first JINRO soju was made up of a translucent bronze-colored glass bottle and contained 35% alcohol. Gradually, the alcohol percentage of the Soju was decreased to reach a wider audience. In addition, the company also achieved its signature flavor profile which is smooth and crisp. 

From the 1950s to the 2000s, the bottle turned into a clear, sky-blue tinted glass bottle. Eventually, the bottle transformed into a transparent, green bottle after becoming Korea’s No.1 soju brand. It also launched the Chamisul during this period. Chamisul achieved a record by selling a whopping 20 billion bottles in 14 years. 

What is Jinro Soju?

HiteJinro Soju is commonly known by its local brand name Chamisul. It is the most popular liquor in the world. Chamisul uses temperature-sensitive paper on the label as a part of its marketing strategy. The company’s mascot, a toad, appears white when the bottler is warm. On the other hand, the toad becomes blue when it is cold, meaning that it is now ready to drink.

World’s Most Sold Soju in 2020

Soju is South Korea’s top drink and is considered the country’s national drink. It has been a beloved drink in South Korea for many years. It became popular as a drink that underwent a social, economic, and cultural transformation.

In 2020, Korea’s spirit took the world by storm by gaining the number one sport as the world’s leading spirit. Jinro soju is the most popular drink in the world, and it wasted no time to gain the world’s no. 1 spirit in the Millionaires Club list. The Soju is an undefeated crowned for 20 years.

The Millionaire Club list is a valuable ranking list made by a renowned global drinks journal. The list consists of those international spirit brands that sold 1 million 9-liter cases in the annual year. 

HiteJinro has been exporting its soju spirit to more than 80 countries worldwide. It has gained impressive growth over the years, taking the local soju brand to the number one spot. 


HiteJinro’s constant effort to transform its marketing strategy and appearance of bottle and alcohol content has paved its success today. Now Soju is not considered part of a specific generation or timeline. Instead, it has become an international commercialized spirit around the world. 

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