Korean Startup’s BurnFit App Will Help You Become Stronger, Bigger, and More Athletic

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BurnFit is a workout planning and analysis app from a Korean fitness startup Bunnit that will help you become stronger, bigger, and athletic.

It is a daunting task to keep track of your workout journey. On top of that, the workout itself takes a lot of effort and hard work in itself. This is one of the many reasons people fail to stay consistent and follow the same workout regime. Moreover, the reason to quit escalates when there is no visible result. This is due to people’s lack of insight into their bodies and workout. 

BurnFit is a health & fitness app to fill the gap of missing information regarding workout progress. The app is created in a way that keeps you motivated and sticks to a proper workout regime. It takes off all the burden of keeping track of your workout every day; the app will take care of the whole process by creating personalized workout sets. 

Overview of Bunnit

Bunnit is a South Korean health & fitness company that makes smartphone apps. IT is a startup company that launched the English version of BurnFit in February 2022. The app was initially in its beta-testing for years in the Korean local app market. The app has been downloaded 250K times with 4.9 user ratings combined for the Google play store and apple app store. The company has received ratings from 3700+ users for their app BurnFit.

What is the BurnFit App?

It is important to have some guidance when you are on your fitness journey. As a result, there are two ways one can receive guidance, and that is with the help of a personal trainer and a fitness app. While both have their importance, a fitness app can give you insights to help you achieve the exact type of body you want. In addition, the app can keep records of your progress to increase your threshold. 

With all that said, BurnFit is the app that will help you achieve your desired body type. On top of that, it has all these personalized training that you can curate for yourself. BurnFit is one of the most intuitive fitness apps where it focuses on workout trackers and planners. The app has the vision to make its users get stronger, bigger, and more athletic.

It has a weekly workout progress chart showing all the analyses of your past sessions. As a result, the app can visualize your workout progress, and based on that information, it can tell you how much more you can push. Sometimes we get carried away for some reason and stop the set without fully reaching hypertrophy. BurnFit will ensure that you reach your hypertrophy whenever you hit a set.

Smash your Limits with the App

The calendar-based planner is intuitive, and you can build a custom workout plan with it. Custom workout plans are there to help you reach your most total because they are entirely designed by you for you. You can dive deep into your data and see where you need improvements. After that, you can focus on those areas and make yourself stronger and more significant. 

The app also has an integrated page where it shows other users’ records. You can use the chart as a motivation to beat your competitors. The exercise log will show you the necessary information without being too cluttered. Just like the exercise log, the rest of the app has a clean user interface that shows clear information. 

Moreover, you will not get confused when using the BurnFit app. The app has a black and white theme going on, and there is a blue accent to show critical information. 

With BurnFit, you can connect with your friends and help each other in your fitness journey. You don’t have to work out alone in the silence; you can create hype and motivation among your workout buddies with the help of BurnFit.


BurnFit is a great app that is suitable for anyone who is starting their fitness journey. Even if you are unsure what type of exercise to do, BurnFit has personalized workouts for you. The app regularly pushes out updates where it fixes bugs and implements new features. 

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