RoboTry – A Korean Product Making Robot Building Fun

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RoboTry is a Korean startup that creates moving paper toys that can help everyone, including children, make, enjoy, and learn about robots.

Smart Toys are the future, and with the intuitive technological approach, there are many amazing smart toys available on the market. The market is growing rapidly, and it is expected that the market size will be $20 billion by 2026. Today’s kids want more than just a toy; they want a toy with interactive elements and a digital connection. With RoboTry, you will find both of those aspects in their toys.

The digital twin technology of RoboTry is worth talking about in this article. So if you want to learn more about RoboTry and its robotic toys, stick to this article till the end. 


RoboTry was founded in 2018 by its CEO, Sang-Uk Ssody Ahn. This Korean startup company aims to create robotic toys with the intention of educational purposes. So far, RoboTry has won a few awards, such as Singapore I.R. run by K.I.L.S.A. and S.M.A.R.T. Other than that, they are also recognized highly in other awards competitions as well.

The company provides intuitive and intricate robotic toys with the help of both online and offline platforms. The seed investments for RoboTry started in 2019 by Postech Holdings. RoboTry is aiming to promote its brand via educational establishments, advertisements, collaborations, and many more. The company aims to improve its products, and it will start distributing its toys in 2022. After that, the company will approach the overseas market.Β 

What is RoboTry?

We cannot deny the fact internet has integrated so much into our world. If mainly talking about kids, they have become so familiar with technology devices. Although they play with physical toys, online games have also become a major part of their life. This is where Sang-Uk Ssody Ahn came up with the idea of RoboTry.Β 

RoboTry is an intuitive paper robot toy building company with the twist of technology advancement. The company operates on an O2O platform where they use digital space to showcase their functionalities and deliver the work physically. More specifically, the online space RoboTry uses the metaverse where users can personalize and customize the robot. The O2O platform RoboTry uses is known as Prob.

Parob is also another Korean company, and it fits the requirements of RoboTry for the online service perfectly. Parob is also known for its paper crafting, drawing, paintings, and education toys distribution and services.

The making of a 3D robot model in Parob is very intuitive, and users can easily make exciting designs. The controls and the features of Parob are easy to understand. After building the robot, the next step is to physically get the paper design drawings. The online design of the 3D robot model is created to be used by kids. Kids can make compelling designs like drones, bipedal robots, and R.C. cards in this O2O platform.

What Makes It Special? 

RoboTry has a unique approach to what kids enjoy in today’s day and age. They offer a wide range of products or toys that promote intuitive learning methods. In addition, they motivate and spark interest in kids and help them think critically. Above all, Robotry’s toys cost 50% less than other smart toy manufacturers.Β 

RoboTry, with its paper robot designs, can teach kids intricate designs and how to assemble or disassemble them. On top of that, they will also learn how structures move when they are put in a certain way. For instance, the robots’ arms, heads, or legs will move, and the kids can easily understand how those parts are moving. More importantly, these toys are not powered by electricity, meaning kids’ learning curve will be solid.

Young creators or kids who have naturally creative can make unique designs using the online Parob platform. After that, RoboTry can bring back all those designs to life by creating a physical form of them. The target audience of RoboTry is kids in the age range of 9 to 12 years.

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Final Thoughts

RoboTry has not been in the market for a long time, yet they are doing great in the toys industry. Parents appreciate the robotic hardware and software education this company gives kids. Not only do kids enjoy using the toys, but they are also developing their brains by learning about these intricate robotic designs.Β Β 

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