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Korean startup Bacon Company bringing happiness to puppies

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A Korean startup that loves your dogs as much as you love them! Bacon Company has a large variety of toys, snacks, and supplies for your dog. And, it is a subscription-based service, so every month, there is something new for your furry friend. Bacon Company created a unique concept of subscription-based boxes that can be ordered every month and they can be customized just like any other subscription box service.

And, if you do not want a subscription box, you can buy the designer toys and premium snacks separately from the Bacon Store.

What is a Bacon Box?

Bacon boxes are a means to make your beloved dog happy! You might find it strange, but the box contents are very interesting. Bacon Company creates a monthly subscription box, a Bacon box with designer toys, premium healthy snacks, and special surprise items. Each box is prepared with all the possible care, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Each month, they have a different and novel themed box. They change the goodies with changing seasons. Not only this, they consider customer feedback while designing new box contents. The goodies can be customized based on the information shared by the pet owner. While customizing the Bacon box content, the dog’s size, breed, weight, age, and dietary information are all considered.

bacon box
A Wild, Wild West Bacon Box of September 2019

The price of the subscription box is about $30 per month which includes goodies worth $60 in each box. Every month you can get new designer toys, snacks, and other accessories. You can buy a single box, a subscription for 3 months, or 12 months.

Laughing: Monster World – Bacon Box

The latest Bacon Box theme is as expected, Halloween. The October 2019 Bacon box is titled “Laughing: Monster World”. A box full of monsters, round monsters, fluttering monsters, monsters with snow, basically all the dog friends sent into a night of monsters! Some goodies of this month’s Bacon Box are described here.

PLAY KIT! Tiny Twin Monster Catch Toy

This unique toy has a toy within a toy. The two outer monsters can be separated, and a tennis ball is hidden inside. You can make your dog’s playtime with this catch toy a lot more fun!

VERY GOODS! Anti-Shock Receive Connector + Name Tag

It is a highly elastic connector band that will simply enhance the walking manners of your dog. Now, you don’t have to worry about the impact of leash pulling on your dog’s neck. It comes with a name tag to keep your pet safe.

EAT’S FUN! Custom Snacks

These snacks are made for your dog’s pleasure based on quality, health, and variety. Snacks are made in Korea in the best manufacturing facility with a strict hygiene policy. The formulation of snacks is customized based on the preference and dietary requirements of your pet. The snacks can belong to either category Wild (nutritional no-processing snack), Bravo (complimentary snack), Chew (stress relief snack for chewing), or Special (as the name suggests, a special snack).

Bacon Company provides you with a smart and convenient way to make your dog happy. With over 30,000 dogs enjoying the Bacon Box, it is time to get one for your dog too!

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