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Korean startup ZEVAHEALS creating green cosmetics – Troxederm

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Troxederm is the trademark of ZEVAHEALS which makes the best green cosmetics for people who want healthy and beautiful skin.

After the 2016 startup as a natural essential oil company, ZEVAHEALS used natural ingredients in cosmetics range to keep the skin healthy via the Troxderm range. It makes functional cosmetics and skincare products better!

It combines Troxerutin with natural ingredients to make safe skincare products. Troxerutin is a Merck pharmaceutical company product that originates from naturally derived bioflavonoids which come from the Sophora Japonica tree. It helps in maintaining nutritional balance and it aids in making your skin healthy. Troxerutin calms irritated skin which can be due to any reason like exposure to UV rays, irritation due to chemicals, or any other reason. It is effective, safe, superior, and trustworthy.

What makes ZEVAHEALS special?

Most beauty and skincare companies research to reduce costs and increase the shelf-life of their products. But, ZEVAHEALS focusses research on making skin healthy with natural ingredients.

All the cosmetics containing natural ingredients are produced after significant research and development so customers can purchase the products with confidence. The company has removed the use of harmful chemicals from their cosmetics. They only produce green cosmetics using skin deep first-class raw materials acknowledged by the most influential non-profit environmental group E.W.G. (U.S.).

All the products undergo a strict quality check, inspection, and even a meticulous raw material check so you never have to worry about having a product of low quality. For your peace of mind, all the products are as close to nature as possible while being packed in a tube or a bottle.

Unlike many other skincare companies, ZEVAHEALS discloses all the ingredients added to any cosmetic product. So, now whenever you apply these products, you know what exactly you are putting on your face! It is an eco-friendly company that cares about both, the consumer and the environment.

All the products are reasonably priced and provide healing effects on the skin.

Company Motto

The company’s motto is to innovate and creatively seek new things so they can make a product that is safe and effective. They create cosmetics that are functional, natural, meant for daily use and for style. The products help skincare issues such as wrinkle improvement and whitening, skin moisturizing and soothing skin. All the products are free of lead, mercury, arsenic, methanol, formaldehyde, and parabens. No controversial ingredients are used so your skin is safer and healthier.

Troxederm Repair Essence Sheet Mask

This face mask has a dual function – wrinkle reduction and skin tone brightening. Along with Troxerutin, it comes with ingredients like Anise fruit extract and hyaluronic acid. They work together to help reduce dark spots and reduce visibility of fine lines. It also contains propolis which has antibacterial and regerenative properties which can help in clarifying pores.

The texture of sheet mask is clingy and non-tacky. Each mask has a fresh, clean, and uplifting botanical blend. The sheet masks are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. You can expect to have a glowing skin just after single use!


Troxederm Repair Essence Mist

It’s a part toner, part essence, and an all-rounder! The Repair Essence Mist is a water-free Korean beauty product with a base of Centella Asiatica extract. Overall, the superstar ingredients are less diluted and more concentrated to keep your skin calm and glowing. Troxerutin is the star ingredient along with Niacinamide which helps in whitening and combating inflammation. 

The mist has a water-like texture and it is extremely lightweight. It sprays like a fine face mist with a fresh and clean scent. It can help repair and soothe sensitive skin and its perfect for all the skin types.


Troxederm Repair Moisture Cream

It’s a serum-like cream of your dreams that is ideal as the final step in your skin care routine. You can rub this ultra-light cream that rubs in like a serum into your skin and absorbs super-quickly. The formulation is free of water, and it can drench your skin with antioxidants like black soybean. It contains troxerutin, an antioxidant to relieve and prevent irritation, dryness, and inflammation.

The cream has a lightweight and serum-like texture. The formulation is soft and breathable with an uplifting smell of botanicals. It can help repair and soothe sensitive skin and its perfect for all the skin types.


ROLL&HEAL Lavender Roll-On

It is a must-have in your handbag on a hot summer day. This roll-on is 100% natural with essential Lavender oil and Jojoba oil. Together, they are the best combination to provide relaxation. Like the ZEVA Lavender Essential Oil, it is also a multipurpose roll on which can help you tackle problems like insomnia, stress, and tense muscles. You can even apply it on pimples to calm the skin. Rose, Wild Orange, and Peppermint are other natural essence oil roll-on options in the ROLL&HEAL range.


ZEVAHEALS Glasses Patch

The Glasses Patch is the best item to get rid of the tiredness and sleepiness. You can recover fatigued skin around the eyes making it a perfect student companion. This patch can help in increasing concentration, lowering swelling around eyes, and moisturizing. It also has anti-sleeping features with some cooling effects. So, whenever you feel tired, this Glasses Patch will rejuvenate you just like a shot of espresso would.


Troxederm delivers gentle and clean formulations – intended for hyper-sensitive and dry skin! Check out the Official Website of ZEVAHEALS and you can purchase the Troxederm collection from Peach & Lily.

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