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Latest K-Pop beauty trends in 2019

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If you are a K-Pop fan, then you are going to like this post a lot! The K-Pop inspired beauty trends are continuously changing. Our favorite K-Pop idols are always dressed up and their makeup and hair are set to perfection. They are always trying on something new and giving us more ideas and trends to keep up with.

So, we have compiled some of the latest and hottest tips and techniques that will help in following the beauty trends of your favorite K-Pop idols.

Thin Lashes

Flashy false lashes are a thing of past for K-Pop idols. The latest K-Beauty trend is much lower key – delicate, thin, and natural-looking lashes. These lashes give your face a wide-eyed, innocent look. Even when mascara is applied, the lashes remain sparse, curled, and separated, unlike the ones you see in Western beauty trends.

Matte Hot Pink Lips

In the US, glossy lips are topping the beauty trends, but for K-Pop beauty, matte is the goal. Earlier, people in Korea did not focus on voluminous lips, but now they are going for a fuller look. The voluminous lip trend is accentuated with velvety lipsticks that give your lips a matte texture and appearance in bright, hot pink hues.

Cherry Lips

The name of this trend is not because of the lip color hue, but the shape of the lips. A filler is inserted in the middle area of the lips to give a more voluminous appearance. It gives a more plump and natural-looking volume to the lips. This trend is inspired by K-Pop stars like Joohoney and Hyungwon from MonstaX, and several members of BTS.

Coral Hues

This makeup trend is mainly inspired by the Pantone Colour of the Year, Living Coral. The coral shades are flattering to the complexion of Korean people. Coral shades are everywhere in Korea. Some Korean brands (VDL) even have the whole collection based on the Pantone Colour of the Year. For a complete coral look, people are using shades of coral for their eye makeup, lips, and cheeks. And all of them in the same look. With these hues, you can achieve any kind of look – a bright, youthful look, a ‘puppy eye’ look, or even a velvety, ethereal look.

Velvety Texture

They are becoming new K-Beauty favorites, be it skincare or makeup. The velvety textures give a luxurious and awesome experience. There are cleansers, sheet masks, lipsticks, and many other products that feel like bliss on the skin.

Glass Skin

The glass skin trend has been popular amongst K-Pop idols for a while now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The glass skin trend is as the name suggests, the skin looks like glass. It is made ultra-smooth and covered with a lot of moisturizers. It takes time and dedication to achieve the glass skin look and all the K-Pop stars have their own tricks to achieve this flawless skin.

And last, Glitter

K-Pop idols are wearing glitter on lips, eyes, and nails. It is eye-catching and attractive. It is applied in a subtle manner so there is no excess glitter. You can use glitter-based nail polish for daytime. But you can go all out with glittery eye makeup or glitter on lips for a night of fun.

Some of these trends are complicated but they are something new that you can get inspired from.

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