Meta-Running – A Metaverse-based K-Startup to Learn Proper Running Form

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The idea of the metaverse has gained popularity over the past years. It is potentially a complete change in how we interact with the world around us. But what if we could improve our physical health by using this technology? Enter Meta-Running, one of the four innovative inventions from the Samsung C-Lab Inside program. Introduced in CES 2023, C-lab programs have won 29 innovation awards in the exhibition.

Fitness is crucial in a society where exercise is increasingly crucial to our health and well-being. Thanks to it, we can better control our stress levels and maintain our physical and mental health. However, traditional workouts may sometimes be uninteresting, making individuals lose enthusiasm and eventually give up on fitness entirely. So today, we will talk about Meta-Running, an innovative way of getting fitter and healthier using the power of AI and the metaverse. 

Overview of Samsung C-Lab

Samsung C-Lab is a program with various divisions. Inside, Outside, and Family is a sub-category of the C-Lab program. Their innovative solutions focus on health, well-being, and education. Moreover, It aids in the growth of companies and new technology. It helps entrepreneurs and inventors realize their ideas by offering tools, money, and mentoring. In this program, Samsung is experimenting with innovative methods to combine technology and exercise. One such idea is meta-running, which we will discuss briefly in this article.

What is Meta-Running?

To provide an immersive running experience, Meta-Running mixes metaverse and AI technologies in its concept. Meta-running enables people to experience various landscapes and situations without ever leaving their houses. Donghoon Kang, the Creative Leader of Meta-Running, believes that it allows people to run safely and more healthily. 

Meta-Running is compatible with mobile devices for a more interactive experience. This is where the metaverse comes into play, where users have their own unique avatars in it. With the help of the mobile device camera and AI technology recognizes movements. After that, the app can tell whether the posture of the runner/user is correct or incorrect.  

Thanks to VR and AR, it eliminates the idea of going to the gym. It has a cutting-edge concept that combines the real and virtual worlds to produce a unique training experience.

The Meta-Running technology from Samsung C-Lab has a headgear that offers a complete 360-degree view of the virtual world. The virtual world is adjusted to the user’s movements using sensors built into the headgear. For instance, if the user picks up the pace, the virtual world will adjust to match.

Meta-Running also includes a treadmill created specifically to work with the virtual setting. The treadmill’s sensors offer a smooth and engaging running experience, recognizing the user’s pace and appropriately changing the speed.

Benefits of Meta-Running

Meta-Running has several advantages over more conventional types of exercise. Initially, it does away with the boredom of jogging or running on a treadmill by offering a dynamic and engaging virtual world. Keeping the motivation level high reduces the chance of burnout or boredom.

Meta-Running also enables individuals to experience other topographies and surroundings that might not be accessible in the real world. Exercise may become more gratifying and pleasant due to the sense of adventure and excitement this might provide.

Most notably, Meta-Running enables users to monitor their development and establish objectives in real-time. Users may track their pace, distance, and other data using sensors and other technologies to help them stay motivated and reach their fitness objectives. Users can assess their posture and muscle strength for a healthier running technique. 


Samsung C-Lab Program has brilliant ideas that can change how we think about AI and the metaverse. A novel idea called “Meta-Running” has the potential to alter the way we think about fitness. This technology creates an engaging and dynamic experience that is both efficient and fun. The fusing of virtual and real aspects delivers breathtaking experiences. In the future, we can anticipate greater advancements in this field with Samsung C-Lab. The company believes its hard work and creation have not been in vain, and its ideas compete with other top ventures. Needless to say, the C-Lab Program by Samsung is paving the way and assisting people worldwide.

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