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Oera: A Luxury Skincare Brand from the House of Hyundai

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South Korean fashion company Handsome launches Oera, a high-end luxury ritual Korean beauty brand that brings aesthetic perspective with Swiss technology.

Korean beauty products come in all forms, and their growing popularity pushed the biggest of brands to come out with their products. These products come with relatable ingredients, and their price range varies depending upon the category you pick. One company that ventured into skincare is the Korean technology and lifestyle giant Hyundai. Their fashion unit, The Handsome, launched its luxury skincare product in 2021. Many organizations now offer skincare products, but their offerings are a class apart. 

The Handsome Department Store from the House of Hyundai

Coming from the house of Hyundai, The Handsome saw the light of day in 1987 and has created some of the more iconic lifestyle products since then. Not only do they have a presence in Korea, but their presence in China and Europe is also prominent. The concept behind this organization is to provide new and distinguished products through collaboration with overseas brands. Some of its best offerings come from brands like TIME, system, and MINE. With 1389 stores worldwide, this company proudly showcases 29 brands under its portfolio. These brands get divided into Fashion, Lifestyle, and beauty, and their new launch also falls under the beauty category. 

K-Cosmetics Brand Brand Oera

Hyundai brings you the best of technology combined with beauty secrets from Switzerland. The Skincare brand Oera combines the core ingredient Choro Elixir and a technology-based calibrating system that synchronizes the skin’s rhythms with a neutral point. This effect causes the skin to exist in equilibrium, and it does not get disturbed by environmental or internal stimulus, thus giving a radiating glow to you at all times.¬†


They make their calibrating range with the unique concept of calibrating the skin to zero balance. They make the Multi-Benefit Calibrator and the Dual Action Chrono Ampoule. The main ingredient here is the Chrono Elixir which improves skin textures, elasticity, and tone. The ampoule repairs damaged skin and cures any redness as well. You will achieve wrinkle-free and smooth skin from the first use. 

Serums from Oera

Oera makes its¬†Hydro-Quenching Serum¬†with action Biome that maintains the skin’s moisture barrier. It will leave your skin soft and get absorbed rapidly into the skin. Their¬†Time-Retreat Serum¬†is for people with medium to dry skin and fights signs of aging. It lifts the face and even smoothens out the areas around the lips and the eyes. The serum is lightweight and does not sit heavy on the face, and you can see the visible difference around the nasolabial folds and under the eyes.

Eyecare from Oera

When it comes to eye care, Oera brings forward two remarkable products. Their Resilience Eye Cream brightens the under-eye area and improves skin elasticity. Their Eye Contour Serum comes with a ceramic applicator that gives a massage to the delicate eye area. The serum and applicator together cool the undereye and increase blood circulation. They come with premium ingredients like deep-sea biome to nourish the skin and help it rejuvenate.

Toners from Oera

These toners and serums balance the water-oil balance of the face and provide nutrients to the skin. They give you three toners, Balancing Cream-in-Water, it does not cause any stickiness. Hydra Lift Essence-in-Water is another cleanser toner that effectively removes any dirt or makeup residue. It acts as an uplifting agent and firms the skin. Their third product is the Hydra Lift Essence-in-Lotion. They make it with rich nutrients and extracts from plants which impart flexibility to the skin.

Creams from Oera

The cream range from Oera offers three products: Intensive Firming Cream, Hydro-Quenching Cream, and Time-Retreat Cream. They firm the face, create a moisture barrier, and work as an anti-aging product, respectively. The creams come with plant-derived oils and provide vital nutrients to the skin.

Cleansers from Oera

Offering three cleansers in this range, Oera brings you the Purifying Cleansing Foam, Botanical Facial Oil, and a Comforting Cleansing Milk. These toners work delicately on the skin and purify it thoroughly. Because they make it with AHA-rich ingredients and plant-based oils, they do not dry out the skin and make it supple.

Special Care Products

Oera also makes three special-care products that compromise a Time-Retreat Face Oil, The Blue Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 30 and PA +++, and a Rapid Response Cream Mask. These products work to replenish the natural moisture barrier of the skin. They also protect from the sun and rejuvenate skin overnight, respectively.

The Prestige Range

With its Signature Prestige Cream, they bring you an all-around anti-aging cream. It comes with peptides and whitening ingredients, which improve skin elasticity and even out wrinkles. Their Signature Prestige Ampoule works to resolve eight skin issues and works faster to reduce signs of aging. Both these products come with Chrono Elixir technology and the finest of ingredients.

In the End!

Making its mark in the Luxury Skincare segment in Korea, Oera combines the best-in-class technology with the finest of ingredients. Once you use these products, you will see the difference in your skin. Get your stock today and experience luxurious skin every day.

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