Seollal – Korean Lunar New Year

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During Seollal, the Korean lunar new year, Koreans shop for gifts for their family members and friends to show their love and gratitude.

Seollal (설날) or the Lunar New Year in Korea is South Korea’s most significant holiday. At this time, millions of Koreans travel back home and visit family and relatives during the holiday period.

When is Seollal?

Seollal in 2022 falls on February 1st, 2022. In Korea, January 31st and February 2nd are also part of the holiday officially.

What is Seollal?

Essentially, Seollal is the celebration of the first day of Korea’s lunar calendar. It is a holiday with its origin in Confucianism.

Many of our readers might not be aware of the significance and traditions associated with the Korean Lunar New Year or Seollal, so check out all you need to know about the festival here.

There are many traditions associated with the celebration of Seollal. It is the time for families to come together, pay respects to ancestors, pay respects to elders and take their blessings, and some fun and games.

Gift Giving and Shopping

As the Seollal week approaches, Koreans are busy shopping for gifts to give to their family and friends. Just like New Year’s celebration in any other country, the culture of giving gifts is quite intertwined with it, and Seollal also follows the same. Usual and traditional gifts include fresh fruits, ginseng, gift baskets, and money. It is basically a symbolic representation of their love and gratitude.

In recent years, the younger generation has been all about exchanging digital gift cards, but nothing can beat a thoughtful gift you’ve chosen, especially for a person.

Gift Ideas for Korean New Year

Here are some of the gift ideas that you might like when it comes to gift-giving to your friends from Korea on the occasion of Seollal.

For the elderly and parents, ginseng, honey, SPAM, and even tuna cans are some of the most popular gifts during Seollal.

But, these are the most traditional gift ideas.

Check out some other Korean gift options that your friends might like!

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