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Enjoy Cold Brew Coffee in 5 Minutes with Korean Startup Sonic Dutch Super Sonic

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Extract your cold brew in just five minutes with Sonic Dutch Super Sonic S1, which comes with an innovative sound wave technology for faster brewing!

Become a barista for yourself and brew an excellent cold coffee with the help of Super Sonic S1. With the innovative design that creates sound waves of your favorite music. Sonic S1 will brew cold coffee in just 5 minutes. If you love cold coffee, check out the supersonic S1 and an overview of the company behind it. 

Sonic Dutch Overview

Sonic Dutch has put the Sonic S1 for promotion on the Kickstarter campaign. So far, the company has raised $48,638 with 120 backers. The company only manufactures its products in South Korea, and the products have already reached Turkey, Indonesia, the United States, and many more. Sonic Dutch also makes other brewing series and commercial models in development. 

Super Sonic S1 is one of the coffee brewing machines from the Korean startup company Sonic Dutch. They have recently announced their latest cold coffee brewing machine targeted toward the consumer-oriented market. The product is already surfing on Kickstarter and progressing its journey of crowdfunding.

Sonic Dutch Super Sonic S1

The unique feature of Sonic Dutch Super Sonic S1 is that it can brew cold coffee using sounds. The vibration generated from sounds helps the machine extract the type of coffee you want to enjoy. The metal plate underneath the brewer has a spring-like structure that quickly moves up and down due to sound waves.

Super Sonic S1 can brew cold coffee in about 5 minutes, which saves up your time and electricity. It is an intuitive idea to brew coffee with the help of sound waves and the fundamental of liquid agitation. So many brilliant minds came up with this fantastic idea of Super Sonic S1.

You need some energy to produce sound waves, and that is why Super Sonic S1 uses 100-watt power. The device produces sound waves that can go as loud as 70 decibels. In addition, users can set the frequency that results in the level of vibration the machine will produce, and users can set the frequency from 20 to 35 hertz. 

You can simply adjust the knob in the machine and set the number as you desire. In addition, you can also set timers to allow the machine to run for a certain period. With Sonic s1, you can set the timer for up to 1 hour, and when the timer goes off, the machine will automatically stop brewing. Apart from that, there are knobs for setting the intensity of the vibrations. You can set the vibration intensity anywhere from 1% to 100%.

sonic dutch cold brew

How it Extracts Cold Brew in 5 Minutes?

The force that is produced by the sound waves is translated through the motion of the springs inside the platform. After that, the brewer or other French press is on the top of the platform and brews the coffee. These vibrations ultimately create a delicious cold coffee slurry inside the press or the brewer. All these processes happen in a matter of 5 minutes. Keep in mind that the machine brews 1 liter of room temperature or colder brew in 5 minutes. If you want to brew more than a liter, it will take more than just 5 minutes which is still impressive.

Sang Jun Lee, CEO of Sonic Dutch Korea, says that you have to set the frequency of the timer right; otherwise, you will have to face the consequence of misinterpreting the sound wave. Users have to ensure the frequency and the intensity of the vibration go hand in hand. After that, It will only provide the consumers with the type of cold coffee they want. Above all, remember that the stronger the frequency and intensity is, the faster the extraction will happen.

Using Sonic Dutch is relatively simple; all you have to do is play your favorite music using the built-in Bluetooth speaker of Sonic S1. There are three profiles of duration that the new high-tech Super Sonic s1 can store. 

In the End

Making a quick cold brew coffee has never been this easy. With the incredibly convenient way of brewing cold coffee with Sonic Dutch Super Sonic S1, you can make your mornings wonderful. The product is reliable and has reached over 500 shops in Korea, and is available worldwide.

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