Top 10 Video Games From South Korea

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South Korea has an ocean of games that have made their presence in the global market. MMO games dominate the gaming scene in South Korea due to their competitive nature and life-changing tournaments. However, we will look at top video games from South Korea outside of the multiplayer realm.

Top 10 Video Games From South Korea

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood for PlayStation 2 was released in 2004 with beautifully designed materials in the game. This is one of the earliest RPGs developed using unreal engine 2. The game has a great storyline and many other interesting elements. People who appreciate Manhwa-style art will love Magna Carta. Above all, the game also dominated the console market when it arrived. 

Pangya Fantasy Golf

Pangya Fantasy Golf is a sports game that has fantasy-based visuals with interesting golf gameplay that players will love. This game is available on PSP, and it was released in Korea, Japan, and North America. The game offers multiple courses that have intricate designs and improves the overall gaming experience. There is also an online game mode that is more fulfilling and has many more golf courses. 

Ragnarok Series

This game is a spin-off and not the original online game Ragnarok. However, the game has many tributes to the original and has many resemblances to the game. You will enjoy playing this game as the main story contains elements from the original. Ragnarok Series is available for Nintendo DS, and it was released in 2008. The game was later released on future consoles in North America.

DJ Max Portable

DJ Max Portable is a PSP game based on disk jockey. It is a rhythmic game where players have to timely press a button to play music. Made by Pentavision, the online presence of this game is the reason why developers released it for PSP. The game uses all of the PSP buttons and gives stunning anime music videos as rewards.

MapleStory DS

MapleStory is a 2D-looking game with pixel art-style graphics. All the characters in this game are fully customizable with different clothing and weapons. Maple Story has repetitive yet interesting gameplay that includes 200 levels. People challenge themselves to reach level 200 because it was almost impossible to reach level 200.

Audition Portable 

It is another button-pressing rhythmic game that may be a copy of DDR. While many buttons pressing music games require precise timing to play music, Audition Portable allows players to press as fast as possible. The game is much easier and free to play. However, with high-tempo music, you have to press the buttons quickly, which can be difficult for some players. Overall, it is an amazing and enjoyable game. 

UZu Keobukseon

Uzu Keobukseon was one of the earliest attempts to make video games by South Korean. Samsung developed the game, and it was very popular during its release in 1992 and a couple of years after that. It is a space shooting game where the players control a turtle-looking spaceship in purple or gold colors. The spaceship travels through many hurdles with satisfying blasts. 

The King of Fighters

The King of Fighters 2001/2002 is a successor to the popular KOF 2000, which SNK developed. KOF 2001/2002 had many issues in terms of visuals and the art design of the game. Despite that, Eolith (who developed KOF 2001/2002) introduced new characters who have intricate fighting styles that the players enjoy.

South Korea video games

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Take-Down Missions in Korea

This game is inspired by Rainbow Six but has a South Korean twist to it. The characters in this game are Korean, and the weapons are also inspired by Korean militants. Unfortunately, the game is only available in South Korea. So players from outside Korea can play the original Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

The War of Genesis

The Way of Genesis is a PC game developed by SoftMax in 1995. This game is one of the earlier RPGs from a South Korean gaming studio. The game has amazing graphics for its time, and the characters are visually stunning. The war of genesis was a successful game in Korea when it was released. As a result, the developers created sequels to maintain the interest of their fanbase.

Final thoughts

These south Korean games are from various gaming categories except MMO and mobile games, and they are highly enjoyable if they are your cup of tea. Feel free to comment on which of your favorite South Korean games are missing from the list. 

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