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Brand Focus: iUNIK – Minimalistic Skincare

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iUNIK is a K-beauty brand offering minimalistic skincare centered on natural ingredients and making vegan products for all!

Beauty brands from South Korea have shown enormous development and growth in the beauty sector in recent years. The credit for all this goes to the Korean beauty brands, which successfully gained people’s trust and gave them the quality deals they deserved. One such brand is iUNIK.

All About iUNIK

The work behind the successful setup of iUNIK was started in 2012, and by 2017, it was launched by its official name, which we currently know as iUNIK. Michelle Kim is its founder and current CEO. iUNIK is a highly reputed Korean beauty brand that has gained people’s trust by supplying them with the best quality products. The biggest flex for iUNIK is that it uses only hypoallergenic ingredients in its products, which makes them completely suitable for all skin types. Also, its products are considered the healthiest way of beauty enhancement. 

Top Products of iUNIK

Although all the products of iUNIK are considered as healthy and safe, some of its products are above all others, and they all are mentioned below:-

Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil

Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil by iUNIK is one of the most effective make-up cleansers available. It has eight major ingredients, which do not complicate its uses. All the ingredients complement each other. It’s specially infused with extracts of Calendula and other plant-based ingredients (oils). These ingredients contribute more than 94% to making this cleansing oil. It ensures the complete and safe removal of dirt, pollutants, and other make-up products like lipstick and eyeliners. It also strengthens your natural skin barrier and gently cleanses your pores.

Propolis Vitamins Synergy Serum

This iUNIK Propolis Vitamins Synergy Serum consists of 70% Propolis and 17% of Tree fruit vitamins, including Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E. Uses of these ingredients in the formulation of this serum increase its effectiveness. The propolis ensures the maintenance of smoothness, protection, and nourishment in your skin. It’s suitable for all those who suffer from problems like dark spots and dull, dry and damaged skin. This Serum also contains Centella extracts which help in calming your skin and providing nourishment and protection at the same time.

Centella Calming Gel Cream

Most of the gel creams in the market contain ingredients such as PEGs, Synthetic Fragrance, and petroleum extracts, but the benefits they provide are less than the possible harmful effects. iUNIK’s Centella Calming Gel Cream does not have any such ingredients; instead, it does not contain 1500+ ingredients that can be harmful. This gel cream is suitable for all skin types; anyone can use it regardless of age. It contains 72% of leaf water, which provides maximum efficacy. This gel lasts all day and keeps your skin hydrated and nourished for more than 24 hours.

Propolis Vitamin Glow Sleeping Mask

Vitamin Glow Sleeping Mask by iUNIK is a special face mask that can provide next-level hydration and nourishment to your skin. This mask has anti-aging properties, which cure fine lines and prevent wrinkles. This mask has 100% non-irritant ingredients, which makes it favorable for all skin types. Its alcohol-free formula will help your skin to stay nourished all day. The hyaluronic acids present in this make it possible for your skin to deeply absorb all the effective ingredients completely so that your skin can stay glowing and fresh for more than 24 hours. Since it’s a water-soluble mask, it does not require any rinsing.

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