iVOLVE Pro by K-startup Curinginnos – A Tennis Training Robot Partner

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Curinginnos has created iVolve Pro, an autonomous tennis training partner robot system that allows people to enjoy the game without others.

A tennis ball machine with AI integration that will allow you to play tennis systematically without needing any partner. This CES Innovation Award Honoree has some exciting features and is a great companion for a fitness freak, especially a tennis player.

Overview of Curinginnos.Inc

Curinginnos is a South Korean start-up company with a strong grasp of tennis partner robotic systems. The company participated in the “Eureka Start-up” in CES 2023, receiving Innovation Award Honoree, in the fitness and sports category. 

Creating a tennis robot machine has many benefits, allowing people to practice tennis freely. Moreover, such robots’ fundamentals will make people exercise properly. 

Curinginnos is looking for the gap in our daily lives where we can drastically improve our health. They are combining technology and daily lives to create a better world. In today’s day and age, health has been a concern for many. As a result, people are looking for ways to improve their health. Curinginnos is here to inspire those people with a range of products called iVolve.

Today we will look at one of their finest creation, the iVolve Trainer. It is more the modern people who are into fitness.   

What is Curinginnos iVolve Pro?

iVolve Pro is a personalized trainer that understands your needs and habits. This AI-based tennis robot is capable of doing tennis training. Moreover, you can also do other fitness games and remote matches. Curinginnos experts behind iVolve make this product in a way that grows with you over time. As a result, it collects data and analyzes your way of doing exercise. It understands patterns so that it can determine your strength and weaknesses.

Curinginnos iVolve Pro

Understanding your style and collecting information majorly affects your experience with iVolve. In this way, iVolve prepares and provides personalized training and competitions for you. The execution of the training and other programs is as human as possible. You will feel like you are playing against a proper human-like companion. 

Curinginnos iVolve Pro can be termed an autonomous tennis ball machine. It is currently in development as of now. The company is implementing a self-driving algorithm that allows the machine to move from one place to another. Sources say it will be officially launched in the third quarter of 2023. 

CEO of Curinginnos, Kweon Yechan, understood how costly and below-par coaching of tennis sports is, and as a result, he came up with the idea of providing a reliable and effective tennis trainer. Moreover, people using iVolve will do systematic routine training just like they would with a proper trainer. Lastly, users can enjoy their training sessions freely without any constraints or time limits. 

Wrapping Up

Curinginnos iVolve Pro, with its robotic system, makes a great partner in your fitness journey. Now you have a company in the form of a robot that will be at your service (no pun intended) all the time. 

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