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5 Best Korean Eye Shadow Palettes

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The eyes are one of the body’s best features, and they emphasize your look. The right type of eye makeup can add volumes to your style and create a charming personality. Korean beauty giants believe in defining the eyes and bringing forward many options for you to choose from. Here are five Korean eye shadow palettes that will help you charm your way to success. 

Etude House Play Color Eyes

This product comes in ten shades ranging from brown to dull-peach. All colors revolve around the peach hue, and beach lovers like the soft tones of this offering. The palette looks like a juice bar itself with some shimmer. You can use it to create a gradation on the eyes or to define the edges. It is ideal for the Summer-Spring look. The sheer shades allow you to create the magical day look while the shimmers make for excellent evening wear. With buildable colors and a combination of matte and sheer textures, this one is a must for your wardrobe.

CLIO Pro Layering Eye Palette

If you like the tones of blush and dream of using it on your eyes, then this one is for you. They make it with soft and pastel colors, all in shades of pink. It also comes with a double-sided brush. One side spreads the colors, and the other side defines the edges. The hues in this palette come in subtle shades, and one of them gives a glittery pink look. Their finish is like a premium product, and it lasts all day long. The pallet comes in a sturdy box and has a durable design.

3CE Eye Colour Palette

3CE masters the art of making long-lasting and skin-friendly eye shadows. Their Pinkish Brown palette comes with a sebum control formula and promises to last the entire day. Its shades come in warm tones, and they make it in a compact square design that is easy to travel with. The shades of pink to brown combine matte and glittery formulas and create the perfect gradient effect on your eyes.

PONY EFFECT Conceptual Quad

If you need a Korean eye shadow palette with an all-in-one look, the PONY EFFECT is here to save you. Their four-shade palette is ideal for both day and nightwear. The colors are such that you can mix the shimmery, matte, and glitter shades to create dramatic or subtle effects on your eyes. You could very well become the show stopper at the next party with this palette.

I’m Meme I’M Hidden Card Palette

I’m Meme brings you the hidden card palette in various hues, but their 001 Lucky option contains the most versatile shades. You can use this palette to highlight, contour, and define your eyes. This one palette holds nine shades that come in textures like matte, metallic and shimmery. The best part about this product is its sleek look. They incorporate the image of a playing card on it, and no one will guess it’s a makeup item. It also comes with a mirror big enough to see your face in and not just your eyes.

In The End!

Accentuating the beauty of the eyes is a Korean tradition, and all their offerings speak of the same. Whether you like keeping two separate palettes for your day and night look or use the same, Korean beauty comes has all the options for you. Stock up on the latest products today and let your social media go ablaze with your eye makeup game.  

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