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5 Korean Indie Perfume Brands to Try

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Discover unique scents from Korean indie perfume brands. From refreshing florals to woody and musky notes, these artisanal fragrances are created with passion and precision. 

Perfumes are an essential part of our daily lives. Perfumes hold the power to influence the mind of every human. If we smell good, then we feel much more confident than usual. Also, smelling good not only makes us feel good but also makes us attractive and boosts our confidence to the next level but choosing a perfume is not that easy. As a good perfume can enhance your confidence and attract people toward you, a bad odor can do the opposite. 

Choosing a perfume can be easy if you know about the brands most trusted and popular for their work. Whenever we talk about things that are directly related to our beauty and confidence enhancement, the first thing that strikes our mind is Korean brands.

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Here are the top 5 Korean Indie perfume brands.


Nonfiction is a new Korean perfume brand and is currently located in Hannam-dong, South Korea. Nonfiction made its name soon after it was launched. Nonfiction has worked very hard to make its reputation in the market. It has invested in many new investment ideas, such as decorating its showroom to make it a picture-friendly spot for influencers. Also, the showroom elaborates all the splendid aromas that all nonfiction perfume contains. This made nonfiction one of the most trending perfume brands in 2020. Its best-seller is In The Shower.


Tamburins is another one of the top Korean Indie Perfume brands. The main showroom of Tamburins is located in Apgujeong, South Korea. Tamburins are decorated so well that it automatically attracts influencers and all those who are photogenic. The amazing fragrance ideas have made Tamburins a popular social media brand. Tamburins has wide variety of perfumes, but the one which has emerged as the company’s masterpiece is its signature perfume Chamo.


Granhand is another Korean Indie Perfume brand that has gained a lot of popularity on social media and has gained enough trust from lots of customers all around the globe. Granhand also attracts lots of people with the beauty of its showroom. The decoration of Granhand’s showroom is based on a traditional Korean theme. This makes it an ideal attraction for those who live in Korea and makes Granhand quite popular on the internet. Granhand is not just famous for its decoration, but the reason for its popularity is its perfumes. It has 13 signature scents, and Cask Eau Perfume is the most popular among them. 


SUJIP is another one of the most famous Korean perfume brands. SUJIP is not that much popular on the internet, and the main reason behind this is its lack of attraction in its showrooms. For those who go with the brands which are popular among influencers, SUJIP might not be a very good chance, but when it comes to splendid fragrance, then SUJIP is not behind. SUJIP produces premium scents with a splendid aroma and is known for their premium class. SUJIP is the best choice for all those who prefer quality over decoration. You can try KNOCK HINOKI for the best experience.


While almost everyone wants to smell good and wants to attract more and more people with it, some people are obsessed with smelling good and only prefer premium and natural scents; if you are one of those people, Bolmerix is the accurate Korea Indie perfume brand for you. It aims to satisfy the thirst of those who want to smell good and premium always. Everything about the products of this brand is unique; its smell, design, and color. The best seller of this brand is its Mandrake perfume.

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