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Pinky Cosmetic I’M PINKY: Safe and Fun Beauty Products for Children

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Revolutionizing Children’s Cosmetics with I’M PINKY

Discover Pinky Cosmetic’s exciting and safe cosmetic products tailored for children and expectant mothers under the I’M PINKY brand.

A brand is taking the cosmetics industry by storm, crafting products designed especially for children and expectant mothers. I’M PINKY (핑크공주), under Pinky Cosmetic Co. Ltd, presents an exciting range of products combining safety, aesthetics, and a whole lot of fun. All the products use EWG green-grade raw materials.

Their offering is unique, from water-based nail paint to nourishing lip crayons. All the products are designed around Pinky and her friends. Let’s dive into these exciting products.

1. Pinky Paint: Water-based Nail Paint

  • Colors: The Pinky Paint comes in an incredible 14 different vibrant shades.
  • Safe for All: Designed for children and expectant mothers, it’s a unique and safe alternative to traditional nail polish.
  • Peel-Off Formula: Pinky Paint has revolutionized nail art by being a peel-off product, eliminating the need for potentially damaging removers.
  • Safe Expression: With Pinky Paint from the I’M PINKY cosmetics brand, nails become a canvas for safe and effortless self-expression.

2. Pinky Lip Crayon: Nourishing Lip Balm

  • Dual Purpose: It’s not just a lip balm; it doubles as a coloring crayon.
  • Natural Ingredients: The richness of the Pinky Lip Crayon comes from a blend of vegetable oil and naturally derived ingredients.
  • Color Options: Available in three beautiful shades, perfect for amplifying the natural beauty of young lips.
  • Safety Tested: It has been proven as ‘Non-Irritating’ in a Skin Irritation Test conducted in 2020.
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3. Pinky Kitten Coco Kids Mask Sheet

  • Moisture-rich: Boasting 5,400ppm of hyaluronic acid, the mask sheet from the I’M PINKY cosmetics brand is perfect for moisture retention in children’s skin.
  • Fun Design: With a captivating cat motif, the mask sheet turns skincare into a fun experience for kids.
  • Safe Ingredients: All ingredients bear an EWG Green rating, ensuring their safety for children’s delicate skin.
i'm pinky cosmetics

The Vision Behind Pinky Cosmetic Co. Ltd

Founded in 2015, Pinky Cosmetic Co. Ltd was established with a mission to understand and address the unique needs of children. The company has always prioritized the well-being of children, striving to produce products that offer both satisfaction and peace of mind to mothers and children alike.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that Pinky Cosmetic Co. Ltd’s range of products under the I’M PINKY brand has brought a fresh narrative to the cosmetics industry. By combining safety, aesthetics, and fun, they have successfully addressed the beauty needs of children and expectant mothers. It’s a new dawn in the world of cosmetics, where safety meets creativity.

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