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Your Complete Guide to Mastering the Korean Aegyo-Sal Makeup Trend

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Embark on a journey to understand the secrets of looking youthful and radiant with the intriguing Korean Aegyo-sal makeup trend.

Ladies and makeup enthusiasts, the game has changed! Trends evolve and revolve, bringing old styles back with novel twists and fresh vibrance. While many trends enjoy their moment in the spotlight before fading into oblivion, some consistently resurface, bearing a new name or a revamped image (remember the resurgence of French tips?). The days of masking under-eye bags with heaps of concealer and foundation are fading. Welcome the Korean makeup marvel – Aegyo-sal, or as we call it, “charming/baby eye fat.” It’s all about accentuating the area right beneath the eye to enhance a youthful, cheerful aura.

Aegyo-Sal: The Trend that Has Everyone Smiling

This beauty hack/trend makes eyes look inviting and creates a clear, vibrant, half-moon-shaped allure that is hard to ignore. No wonder beauty advocates and celebrities swear by it. Coined “cute/baby eye fat aka. aegyo sal,” this trend is the new in-thing in the beauty industry.

The conventional advice for anyone dabbling in makeup has been to master the art of camouflaging under-eye bags with layers of concealer and foundation. But the Korean makeup trend Aegyo-sal is all about emphasizing the slight puffiness beneath your eyes to create a more youthful, cheerful, and captivating look.

Riding the Wave of Beauty Evolution

As with any trend, makeup styles come and go, each bringing a new flavor to the beauty palate. But the charm of Aegyo-sal seems to defy the transitory nature of trends. Originating from the Hallyu industry, this technique primarily focuses on creating the illusion of small, fatty deposits underneath the eyelids. This innovative method gifts a younger, doe-eyed gaze, earning it adorable names such as ‘eye smiles’ and ‘baby fat eyes.’ Embraced by K-Drama stars, the Aegyo-sal trend emphasizes brighter, wider-looking eyes.

The Art of Aegyo-Sal Makeup: A Step-by-Step Guide

If the notion of enhancing your under-eye area is intriguing, here’s a guide to embark on this exciting beauty journey. Let’s dive into the world of Aegyo-sal!

  • Mastering the Art of Moderation: Always remember, less is more. Don’t rush in with intense colors. Start with a light touch and gradually build up the intensity. It’s much like drawing a double eyelid but for your under-eye area. The goal is a natural-looking gradient that fades out smoothly.

Recommended product: Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Eye Base paired with the M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Omega.

  • Choosing Complementary Colors: Always opt for colors that harmonize with your skin tone. A neutral taupe hue is perfect for shading and is a great starting point. Always prep your eye with a good eye makeup base before applying the eyeshadow or pencil.
  • Finding the Perfect Placement: To get the most flattering effect, smile while you’re applying your Aegyo-sal makeup. This will help you find the natural crease line to highlight with your chosen eyeshadow or pencil.

Recommended product: Pixi’s Endless Shade Stick Eyeshadow in the shade MatteCognac (for beginners) or the M.A.C Cosmetics Colour Excess Gel Pencil in color Sick Tat Bro (for pros)

  • Blend it Out: Avoid harsh lines by quickly blending out your makeup. This step is crucial as it could make the difference between a well-blended, natural look and an obvious makeup line.

Recommended product: Tarte Quick Stick Waterproof Shadow & Liner in Taupe Luster & Black

  • The Final Touch – A Pearlescent Highlighter: Add a touch of magic with a pearlescent highlighter above the crease you’ve created. This trick will add an extra dimension to your Aegyo-sal makeup, making your eyes appear even more lively and vibrant.

Creating Magic with Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker

Korean cosmetic companies have been quick to innovate around this trend. Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker is a tool specially designed to achieve Aegyo-sal perfection. Shaped like a standard eyeliner or eyebrow pencil, it boasts two sides that reveal foamy cushion ends. The two tones, light brown and shimmery champagne pink, are pivotal in accentuating the under-eye area.

Korean Aegyo-sal makeup trend

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide for using the Cute Eyes Maker: 

  • Start with the light brown tone to contour right beneath the eye area.
  • Smile hard with your eyes to identify the right area for contouring.
  • Next, use the champagne pink to line the inner corners of the eyes and underneath your under lashes up until the contoured area.
  • Use a blending brush (or your finger) to ensure a natural brown and champagne pink blend.

Expert Advice: Make Aegyo-Sal Work for You

Mastering the Aegyo-sal trend requires attention to detail. Rick Yang, a professional makeup artist, warns that it’s easy to mistake the trend for eye bags if not done right. In Korea, some prefer a more permanent solution using cosmetic surgical procedures like fillers and fat grafts to create the illusion of puffiness and volume.

But if a more temporary, makeup-based solution is your cup of tea, plenty of guidance will help you ace it. One golden rule shared by professional hair and makeup artist Marc Teng is avoiding products that cake easily or don’t match your skin tone. He states, “Anything that gives a grey cast will give the opposite effect, making you look tired and haggard.”

The Key to Mastering Aegyo-Sal Makeup

Mastering Aegyo-sal requires some knowledge, the right tools, and a dash of creativity. So, here are some effective strategies to make your ‘eye-smiles’ pop:

  • Opt for products that blend well and match your skin tone.
  • A well-balanced blend of colors is essential. The use of light brown for contouring and champagne pink for highlighting can work wonders.
  • The placement of the color and careful blending are key to achieving the perfect look.

Dive in and explore the world of Aegyo-sal. Let’s defy the norms, unmask the hidden charm of under-eye areas, and let our ‘eye smiles’ do the talking!

Exploring Different Ways to Achieve Aegyo-Sal

You can achieve the Aegyo-sal trend in a couple of ways. You could use makeup to contour and highlight, which is a less invasive and cost-effective way. However, for those looking for a more permanent solution, semi-permanent methods such as fillers and fat grafts involve injections and transferring your skin to a different area of the body. Whichever method you prefer, keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to enhance your natural features, letting your charming ‘eye smiles’ shine through.

The Beauty of Aegyo-Sal: Final Thoughts

The Korean Aegyo-sal makeup trend offers an innovative and fun way to play with your look. It redefines traditional beauty standards and helps you embrace the features you may have previously hidden. Now that you’re equipped with this extensive guide to achieving the charming Aegyo-sal look, you’re all set to enhance your beauty regimen. So, let your creativity run wild and let your ‘eye smiles’ light up the world!

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