MediBloc: K-Startup Blending Blockchain and Healthcare for a Better Tomorrow

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Blockchain technology is making strides in the healthcare landscape. Korean blockchain start-up Medibloc is revolutionizing the healthcare system in Korea. The transformation into a new era of the medical realm holds promise for future patients. MediBloc is revolutionizing the way healthcare institutes keep patient data. In addition, the management in the supply of medical goods will ensure proper safety and regulations. So what are the benefits of Medibloc’s blockchain system to healthcare systems? Let’s look at how MediBloc is altering the healthcare scene.

Decentralized Data of Patients

Patient data is crucial for understanding the complete story of the patient. MediBloc stores the data of patients in a decentralized manner. Traditionally, it is the opposite way making it challenging for healthcare providers to access and exchange. MediBloc uses blockchain technology to decentralize patient data to ensure security, transparency, and interoperability. MediBloc allows seamless access to medical information, resulting in more precise diagnoses and individualized treatment regimens. As a result, patients will have an empowering feeling of ownership of their health records.

Digitally Stored Hospital Records

The blockchain-based infrastructure used by MediBloc makes it possible to store medical records securely and effectively. 

With MediBloc’s new blockchain technology, patient data is stored digitally. It is a tamper-proof way that uses smart contracts and cryptographic methods. As a result, it reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. 

The digitalization of hospital records improves data accuracy, streamlines record administration, and allows for easy information interchange amongst healthcare professionals, eventually raising the standard of care.

Medical Supply Chain Management

Delivering high-quality healthcare services depends on effective supply chain management. Because of this, MediBloc uses blockchain technology to streamline the medical supply chain. It secures the traceability and legitimacy of medical items by establishing a transparent and decentralized network, lowering the danger of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and enhancing patient safety. MediBloc simplifies the purchase, distribution, and use of medical supplies, resulting in cost savings and increased effectiveness. This is accomplished through real-time monitoring and improved inventory management.

Electronic Prescription System

Traditional hospitals often pose challenges when obtaining prescribed medicines. Due to its electronic prescription system, medical problems will not happen with MediBloc. Patients may now receive their medications more quickly and effectively thanks to the digitization of prescriptions and the use of decentralized technologies. This simplified procedure allows patients to get the medication they require immediately, saving time and reducing mistakes.


Medipass, a mobile medical information platform introduced in 2017, has garnered adoption from over 600,000 patients across 14 prominent hospitals. This innovative platform has established a direct link between patients and hospitals, leveraging blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and accuracy of medical data. Through this, Medipass empowers patients with unfettered access to their own medical records. Beyond this fundamental function, Medipass extends its utility with an array of user-friendly services, simplifying tasks like insurance claims submission, health check-up inquiries, and certificate issuance.

Essentially, Medipass serves as an application that consolidates patients’ medical information into one easily accessible space. Enhancing user experience, the app has undergone a redesign of its home screen, enabling users to swiftly view health information that was previously tucked away behind the app icon. A dashboard for health information management services has been incorporated, streamlining health-related tasks. Furthermore, Medipass has introduced features like family management, allowing users to oversee and manage both their own health and that of their family members.

MediBloc MED Token

The MED token, a native cryptocurrency of MediBloc, is essential to the operation of its ecosystem. Users can use MED tokens as a medium of exchange to access and pay for various services provided by MediBloc’s platform. Some examples of these services are accessing medical information, getting medications electronically, and participating in research projects. Utilizing MED tokens rewards participation, fosters data exchange, and aids in the expansion of the MediBloc ecosystem.

The more users engage with the MED Point System, the greater the rewards for patients. Participating in this point-based system offers incentives that help users cover insurance and other medical expenses. Moreover, numerous highly qualified doctors in Korea collaborate with MediBloc. As a result, patients will get doctors with many years of experience and the reliability of MediBloc.

MED Point System

Within the MediBloc platform is a reward system called the MED Point System that motivates users to take an active role in their well-being and health. By engaging in healthy activities like reaching workout objectives, keeping track of their vital signs, or contributing anonymized health data for research, users can accrue MED Points. These MED Points may be exchanged for various advantages, including access to premium features, savings on medical services, and even donations to charity organizations. The MED Point System encourages people to be proactive about their well-being by offering incentives for doing so.

In the end

The Korean company MediBloc is significantly advancing efforts to transform the healthcare sector. MediBloc uses blockchain technology to decentralize patient data, digitally retain hospital records, automate the prescription process, and improve medical supply chain management. By combining MED tokens and the MED Point System, MediBloc fosters data sharing, rewards user participation, and promotes proactive engagement with health and wellbeing. 

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