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5 Must-Buy K-Beauty Cosmetic Brands

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Check out the best must-buy K-beauty cosmetic brands in South Korea that will revamp your skincare and makeup routine and take it to the next level!

In recent years, Korean beauty and the beauty products have gained a new height in cosmetics industry. Due to its rapidly increasing hype, many popular Korean beauty brands have expanded their businesses worldwide. Thanks to these expansions, many people living in different corners of the world started to explore and try these products and Korean methods of makeup.

Many of the methods and products of K beauty are admired by lots and lots of users, and the main reason behind this is the youthful, subtle, soft effects observed by the users after using them regularly. It’s not only effective in making you look young and beautiful but also makes you look healthy. 

Top 5 K-Beauty Cosmetic Brands


Lee YooJoo, the current CEO, founded Veramore. It is an innovative brand that focuses mainly on creating anti-aging treatments. Veramore believes that everyone can and should look beautiful irrespective of their age. This innovative thinking has made Veramore one of the best upcoming Korean beauty brands. 

Since Veramore is a new player in the Korean beauty and cosmetics industry, it’s not very popular around the world, yet it’s considered one of the best brands in Korea. Thanks to its water-less formulations, it will become a big hit in 2023. Veramore has a good variety of products, mostly built with anti-aging effects. The products are packed with the goodness of anti-oxidative 100% natural ingredients. Rose Glow Sun Serum and Glamor Rose Vegan Lip Balm are the most popular products among consumers. 


Wherever you search for the top Korean beauty products, it’s obvious that one of those products will be from Missha. It is a popular Korean beauty brand and is admired not only in Korea but all around the world. 

Missha is one of the top Korean beauty brands, and that’s due to the trust that it has developed among its users through all these years, and it’s continuously doing so. Its products are skin-friendly and super affordable, attracting people easily. Missha has gained most of its popularity due to its latest and amazing BB creams infused with natural ingredients. 


Innisfree has gained popularity due to its latest innovative ideas regarding skincare and cosmetics. Innisfree innovatively infuses its cosmetic products along with natural ingredients, which have been proven effective in different properties such as youthfulness and glow. 

Some of the major ingredients that are infused in these products are green tea extract, volcanic clusters, and cherry blossom extract. The products from Innisfree are rich in these natural ingredients, and their formulations are perfect so that your skin can absorb every bit of natural goodness. 

Etude House

Etude House is a k beauty brand that has recently evolved into an institution. Etude House is known as the home of many items that can make your skin subtle and your features pop. Etude House prepares its products and packages them with a playful and enjoyable vibe, which many customers admire. 

This K-beauty brand has been in the market for the last 30 years and has built a solid reputation over these years. The products that it makes are the favorites of many. You can try some of its products to be sure of it.  


If we just talk about being popular among people all around the globe, PeriPera is quite underrated, but it has successfully gained the trust of those who have tried it even once. It’s widely popular among those users and has thousands of regular customers. 

The main reason behind its trust and popularity is its lip products. These products are pigmented and vibrant enough to gain anyone’s interest. In terms of lip products, PeriPera has been slaying the market. Lip products are the best sellers of this brand, but it also offers a wide variety of different cosmetics. 


In recent years Korean beauty brands have made their name worldwide. People all over the globe trust these brands and are happy with the results. If you also want to start using Korean beauty products and make yourself even more gorgeous, then the must-buy cosmetic brands in Korea mentioned above can be the best to start your journey.

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