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RboW – Korean Body Care Brand Bringing Art To Cosmetics

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RboW is a truly unique Korean body care brand that brings art and cosmetics together.

RboW – A Korean Body Care Brand

This rising Korean body care brand is new, launched in early 2020. It targets to be the bridge between beauty and art. The brand offers a collection of hand and body creams, lip balms, and even perfumes.

The brand is the brainchild of Sohyung Kim, a former director at Gana Art Gallery. She aims to provide consumers with unexpected pleasure, just like one would get after seeing a rainbow!

RboW Philosophy

The Korean body care brand believes that everyone has their own artistic and essential beauty. There are thousands of cosmetic brands that solely focus on body care or skin care. But, there isn’t anything that is connected or takes inspiration from ‘Art’, especially when art is everywhere!

RboW believes that art can be a platform for everything, including cosmetics and body care. This brand aims to bring art into people’s lives with something like a scent or a package of cosmetics.

RboW Fragrances

It is one of the hero products of the brands that are formulated in partnership with Symrise and Firmenich, French perfumers. Some of the key scents and fragrances from RboW:

Dance and Balance” – a spicy oriental musk that expresses the tranquility of art, dreams, and relaxation at some exotic destinations

O.A.C.” – a woody and floral fragrance that requires extensive olfactory exploration

“Untitled” – a formulation with a spicy scent that comes from collaboration with Eddie King, a contemporary artist

Rbow Perfumes

Lights on Objet” – a scent with hints of ginger, lemon, and pink pepper – something that you would smell when you visit a museum in the Mediterranean European region.

Number the Stars” – a musky scent of fresh air is a contrasting fragrance that gives you a feel of looking at the stars in the night sky

Ooooof” – a vintage scent wood that reflects of minimalism which concentrates on simplicity and conceptual art

RboW Lip Care – Curation Lip Balm

RboW offers a variety of vegan balms in both colorless and tinted options. It’s non-sticky but packs enough moisture to keep your lips moisturized. There are three options – Colorless (Curation Lip Balm Facade 0), Coral (Curation Lip Balm Facade 8), and Burgundy (Curation Lip Balm Facade 12).

RboW Curation Lip Balm Set
Curation Lip Balm Set

RboW Body Care Range

There are a variety of body lotions and body wash products with ultra-hydrating ingredients. A similar set of ingredients are also in its hand products. The whole collection is rounded out with a nail cream and a hand cream that are super-fast absorbing.

RboW Set of Hand Cream & Nail Cream
A Set of Hand Cream & Nail Cream
Rbow Set of Body Lotion & Body Wash
A Set of Body Lotion & Body Wash

The products have a formation of plant-based ingredients such as Sunflower seed oil, shea butter, and 100% rice eco ceramide.

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