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Amorepacific Launches More Exciting New Beauty Products and Services – Bathbot & Nutricosmetic

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Amorepacific has launched two new exciting products and services following its recent innovations in the world of bespoke beauty and skincare services – Amorepacific Bathbot and Amorepacific Nutricosmetic!

Amorepacific, a technology-driven organization, is back to redefine how the world looks after its skin. It seems like only yesterday that they were reintroducing new skincare trends, and now they have bots designing custom bath bombs called “Bath bots” that tell you which ingredient is best for your skin type. Another bespoke service is advising the essential health supplements, called nutricosmetic products, for that eternally young self.

Amorepacific Bathbot (맞춤형 입욕제 배쓰봇)

These are robots that tailor-make bath bombs for customers. The customers can themselves give the specifications for the basis of the bath bomb. You can get a custom-made product by choosing your own scent and even colors.

Amorepacific bathbot

What is it? 

Amorepacific Bathbot is a customized service available at select specialty stores. Amorepacific’s R&D center has outdone themselves this time. They base this invention on their research into the psychological effects of fragrances. All a customer has to do is walk into one of these locations, fill out a 2-minute form, and exclusive Bathbot will create a cute bath bomb from the 14 bathing agents options that match the customer’s profile. It only takes 2 minutes to make this outstanding bomb, and they present it to the customer wrapped in recycled paper. 

What does it contain and how to use Amorepacific Bathbot?

Choose from three different fragrances to send your senses on a relaxing journey: Lavender Hill, Sweet Floral, and Forest Herb. These bombs contain Almond Oil and Argan Oil for moisturizing. 

Simple to use: Bath time has never been more enjoyable. They are free of harmful chemicals, making them hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin. They are environmentally friendly and do not use plastic. With the kiosks being accessible, now anyone can get customized bath routines.

Amorepacific Nutricosmetic

The science of putting together the benefits of organic, plant-based ingredients into edible tablets or capsules is called Nutricosmetic. These tablets provide results similar to cosmetic products and dietary supplements like skin firming and gut health.  

Amorepacific’s inner beauty line, Vitale Beautie has come up with a user-centric service for a health supplement. Providing customized nutricosmetic products as per the client’s requirement is Amorepacific’s aim. Vitale Beautie has a list of 7 products that offer different benefits when consumed in regulated doses.

Vitale Beauty Nutricosmetic Range

Amorepacific Nutricosmetic Vitale Beautie Products

Super Collagen Gold: It is food-grade collagen that’s safe to consume. Collagen moistures the skin from within. Take 750 ml daily in the evening for better results. 

Mate Green Slims: Catechins from green tea cut down fat that comes with a high calory diet. For dosage, they recommend taking 3, 37.8-gram tablets, 3 times daily 

Lactic Acid Bacteria from green tea post: It’s Jeju green tea to the rescue again. This is a probiotic for the gut. The green tea gives lactic acid bacteria GTB1 which when mixed with other probiotics, increases healthy flora in the gut. It comes in sachets and you can take it once a day.

Lactic Acid bacteria from Green Tea: organic green tea and a mix of lactic acid probiotic bacteria make for good intestinal health

Masterpiece: The red ginseng fruit and root make this ampule a hit. It is the cure for fatigue and boosts immunity. You can consume it once daily.

Super Collagen Essence: This is an ampule filled with low–molecular collagen. One ampule per day is all it takes to bring that firm glow to one’s face.

Meta Green Gold: Targeted to the current generation, these antioxidant-packed tablets reduce fat, bad cholesterol and increase bone and metabolic health. It works on a 3 table once-daily dosages. 

Probio Gold: Lactic acid bacteria from green tea improve gut health. 120grms is the recommended dosage once daily. 

With the bespoke service by Amorepacific customers can get nutricosmetics daily that are specially for them 


As per Amorepacific, bespoke cosmetics are the new trend in K- Beauty. While it was previously not allowed, a new law revision has allowed cosmetics giants to create specially curated products that are delivered right there. With enormous sums of money going into new research to create more tailored products like Bathbot and Nutricosmetic, Amorepacific feels this is the future of beauty.

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