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Mind-linked Bathbot by Amorepacific: The Best Bath Bombs Customized to Your Mood

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Mind-linked Bathbot by Amorepacific is a bespoke beauty solution that analyzes emotions through brainwaves and creates a bath bomb based on the analysis.

Bathing is an essential daily ritual that not only cleans the body but connects you to it. It is the only time of the day when peace flows into your space. In today’s busy life, people rush through bath time. Treating your body to a well-made bath is the only reward you can give it after struggling through the entire day. Incorporate bath bombs into your routine, and you will feel the difference yourself. To personalize this time of the day, Amorepacific brings you’re a platform that can give you a bath bomb according to your current mood. The Mind-linked Bathbot is an amazing award-winning creation by Amorepacific that has won the CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree.

About Amorepacific

Amorepacific was the first company to incorporate research into manufacturing beauty products in Korea. They relentlessly work to provide their loyal customers with many products to choose from. Amorepacific is the epitome of research and innovation in the Korean beauty market. Since its inception in 1932, this company has focused on the purity of its products. The founder and his team believe in providing people with a solution to their skin problems. They do not want people to lather on products without a cause. Their sole mission is to make a more beautiful world than yesterday. They want people to live fulfilling and satisfying lives. This company works on bringing forward cutting-edge technology for the betterment of humanity.  

Mind-linked Bathbot

One of the latest products from Amorepacific comes at a time when people get stressed more than ever. The stress of daily living rises with the tick of the clock, and no one has time to unwind. The Bathbot from Amorepacific is a unique technology that brings you customized bathrooms. The product goes by the name Mind-linked Bathbot and can read your thoughts. To use this device, you need to place a headset. This device comes with eight inbuilt sensors that analyze your brain waves. This analysis takes place in real-time and notes your feelings, emotions, and stress. It then picks a color and fragrance that will soothe your mind and send the details to the Bathbot. 

mind-linked bathbot

The device works like a mechanical arm that goes around the place, collecting the material from glass jars. It picks out the mentioned fragrances and colors and mixes them to produce on-the-spot bath bombs. You get the bath bomb in under one minute after the bot gets the information. The Mind-linked Bathbot is the only mechanical device to make bath bombs live. The company already launched it in a soft launch to its customers in May and June 2021. This launch was at a Hyundai store in Yeouido and at an Amore store in Gwanggyo.

In the End!

With bath accessories getting customized, you can now have a relaxing weekend home getaway. As this device analyzes your mood and gives you a relatable product, its effect is almost a guarantee. Head to the nearest Amorepacific outlet where they have this product. Get yourself analyzed, set up a warm bath, pop in the bomb from the Mind-linked Bathbot, and enjoy the day. 

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