South Korea’s Augmented Reality Mirror – A Revolutionary Way of Contactless Cosmetics Shopping

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? An augmented reality mirror for cosmetics shopping! 

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the lives of the people. After the coronavirus outbreak across the world, people from all walks of life have started to embrace a new aspect of life. The segment of beauty and cosmetics has also witnessed dynamic innovations to make the shopping experience safe and contactless for the customers. One such technology-driven innovation is the South Korea brand’s, Amorepacific, Augmented Reality Mirror.

Augmented Reality Mirror- The Future of Modernized Makeup Shopping

The augmented reality mirror from Amorepacific is a full-length mirror that is designed for contactless makeup trials. The mirror captures the face of the customer and analyzes it thoroughly.

Subsequently, it recommends beauty products matching your skin type and texture. It also addresses several skin concerns such as dark circles, fine lines, blemishes, and wrinkles. 

Through this technologically innovative AR mirror, customers can see their computerized image. Through this image, they can try on and assess the suitability of makeup products on their skin without touching it. One can easily try out makeup products virtually, such as lipsticks, foundations, eye products, and blushers. No need to pick up a sample and try it on your skin!

The Reason behind the Emergence of Augmented Mirrors

Before the coronavirus outbreak, generally, customers used to try out the makeup products on their skin to assess the appropriateness of the shades. However, after the rise of the fatal pandemic, it became mandatory for all to follow contactless shopping rules for safety concerns. 

Due to this, the customers were not able to try out the makeup products on their skin. It proved to be one of the biggest hindrances in purchasing makeup products. To resolve this issue, a flagship cosmetic boutique in Seoul named Amorepacific started utilizing an augmented reality mirror. This mirror allowed the customers to see the makeup products on their skin virtually, even if they are wearing a mask.

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The Effortlessly Convenient Functionality

The augmented reality mirror comes along with a prompt and user-friendly functionality. You can easily benefit from this mirror even if you possess very little or no knowledge about technological integrations.

Augmented Reality Mirror

It works in the following manner:

  • “Find Your Makeup Look” is written on the mirror
  • First, it scans the face of the customer and generates a computerized image of the same.
  • Then the skin type, texture, and concerns are assessed by the mirror.
  • After the scanning process, it recommends makeup products that will suit their skin best.
  • You can select the makeup products such as blush, lipsticks, foundations, mascara, and eye-shadows to try them out virtually.
  • The mirror then shows a virtual image with the selected makeup product applied on the face.
  • It allows the user to try out different cosmetic products on their face so that they can select the one that suits their skin the most.
  • While trying out the different makeup products, there is even no need to remove the face mask.
  • At Amorepacific stores, QR codes have been placed on the display products. It allows the customers to seek details about the products on their phones instead of asking the staff for the same.

“Due to the coronavirus, it felt uncomfortable to test cosmetics after someone had used them. This is very convenient as I can see the actual color on my face without even touching my face. It was frustrating as I couldn’t try cosmetics on my face, but it was fun to find the product that suits me best through this AR device.”

Amorepacific shopper Cho Yu-lim, who was using the in-store mirror

The Benefits of Modernly-Invented Beauty Mirror

The term “beauty mirror” is a perfect description of the augmented reality mirror. In recent times, not only South Korea but other leading beauty and skincare brands of the world are innovating in this area. The use of such AR mirrors is being implemented across the cosmetic boutiques and stores to enhance the contactless makeup shopping experience. Here are some of the exceptional benefits of an augmented reality mirror.

  • It helps you to choose beauty products that are suitable for your skin 
  • It allows the you to see the shade or color of the makeup product without even touching it to the face
  • Personalized scanning of skin type and texture helps in increasing the efficacy of the recommended cosmetic product
  • Helps to provide contactless customer service without compromising upon the quality of the service
  • Assists the customers in customized makeup shopping without direct contact with the staff

Nowadays, it has become more important to look after the safety requirements of the buyers as well as sellers in each segment. Since ages, the customers used to try the makeup products on their skin before giving it a final nod.

There was a persistent need to imbibing a contactless technology through which customers can easily buy makeup without compromising upon the safety standards. That is precisely where the augmented reality mirrors come to the rescue!

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