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Top 10 Korean Foundations for All Skin Types

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Check out the best Korean foundations; whether you’re looking for matte, semi-matte, or semi-dewy, Korean cosmetics are some of the best in the industry.

When it comes to beauty and skincare products, Korea is far ahead of many countries due to its best ingredients and innovative products. There are several skincare products that you must be using daily, and if you want to upgrade them, you must include Korean products. They have various choices in sheet masks, BB creams, sleeping packs, and many more. 

Presently, it’s high time to give the country the recognition it requires in the makeup industry. There is something special about Korean makeup products, including foundation. While using any makeup product, you must be aware of its ingredients and if they are suitable for your skin. Korean beauty products are trustworthy as they do not include harmful ingredients, are skin-friendly, and are easy to use. 

Let us have a look at some of the top Korean foundations that contain skin-loving ingredients and are suitable for all skin types. 

Touch In Sol Perfect Finish Foundation

This K-beauty brand brings out a matte foundation in the most favorable way. It comprises hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin. Their airbrush formula gives you a flawless glow while covering fine lines and wrinkles for smooth, natural skin. You can include it in your everyday makeup routine for full coverage. 

Korean Foundations

Cle Cosmetics CCC Cream

The three Cs in the cream stand for Color Control & Change, which refers to the satin-finish formula that fights redness and discoloration while giving an even look and maintaining the overall skin tone. It is easily buildable and blendable. It has a nongreasy effect on the skin. The Korean foundation is made with orange peel extracts and essential oils that brighten the skin, and it comes along with SPF 50 for sun protection.

Etude House Face Blur

Etude House Face Blur is a three-in-one formula that provides the best glow to your skin. It helps cover pores and skin bumps and gives the skin a flawless look. Etude house face blur also provides sun protection.

Amorepacific Color Control Cushion

It is formulated with bamboo sap extract and green tea particles to brighten, moisturize, and shield skin against environmental stress. It is made for everyday use. With a glowy finish, Amorepacific Color Control Compact Broad Spectrum works for all skin textures and types, but it’s especially useful for those with normal and dry skin types.

Korean Foundations

Missha M Magic Cushion

This foundation takes your glow to a different level while delivering SPF50 UV protection with its radiant technique. It provides a gorgeous glow, removes discoloration, and conceals any blemishes you may want to hide. Like all K-beauty items, this one is compact with skincare ingredients like Baobab tree fruit extract for moisture, bamboo water for hydration and radiance, and it also contains hazel extract for redness reduction and pore-minimization.


Clio Kill Cover Matte Foundation

Clio Kill Cover Matte foundation has 54-hour lasting features. This foundation is made while keeping in mind the condition of people who wear masks. It has a super long-wearing formula that does not stand a chance against smearing, smudging, heat, sweat, and humidity. It neither dries nor cracks the skin; instead, it gives a smooth matte finish that feels comfortable and feather-light no matter how long you leave it on. 

Korean Foundations

JungSaemmool Essential Cushion Foundation

This foundation gives you an effect from creamy concealer and liquid foundation applied to your skin. It lets you to hide dark circles, dark spots and any other imperfections, all just by creating a flawless base. It is suited to all sorts of skin tones. 

Korean Foundations

Joah Beauty Primedation Foundation

This three-in-one foundation-primer hybrid helps you with reducing two-three steps in the makeup routine. It gives a luminous, glowing formula and coverage to your skin. This skincare-infused foundation is an all-in-one formula that helps in blurring uneven skin, works as a primer, and covers all pores. Its features make it a must-have product in your makeup routine. It comes with shining peptides and hyaluronic acid and fights against your all-day screen time with its blue light protection. It comes with 24 shades for each skin tone. This foundation is made especially for warm, neutral, and cool undertones.

Korean Foundations

Quicksand Cushion BB Cream Foundation

Quicksand foundation brightens your skin with its BB cream formula. It helps cover pores and spots and gives a brightening effect to your skin while giving you a natural makeup look. This foundation is useful for all skin tones. It delivers a powerful base for moisturizing. It is made with 70% plant extracts, which help retain moisture for a long time and reduces skin dryness. This Korean foundation has a waterproof quality and keeps your skin hydrated for a long time. 

Korean Foundations

AGE 20’s Signature Intense Full Coverage Foundation

AGE 20’s Signature Intense Full Coverage Foundation helps moisturize your skin flawlessly. Its makeup base provides medium coverage to dark spots and blurs blemishes for a glowing and bright complexion. It also offers the properties of absorbing oil and sweat from the skin while keeping the skin hydrated. 

Korean Foundations

How to choose the right foundation for yourself? 

路      Determine your skin type and your concerns:

You might have heard from various influencers about a one-size-fits-all foundation, but that is not true. Every one of us has a unique skin type, and we also have different goals for our skin. Some people might want that extra glow provided by the foundation or something that won’t smudge off. Also, different skin types – Dry, Oily, and Combination play a significant role when selecting the best Korean foundations. 

路      Determine your undertones:

The color that comes on the skin from underneath the surface is said to be your skin’s undertone. It is of three types- warm, neutral, and cool. To determine your undertone, you can do the sun test. When you step out in the sun, you probably have a cool undertone, and your skin turns red. Conversely, if your skin absorbs tan quickly, you might have a warm skin tone.

These are some of the best Korean foundations, and you can choose amongst them to find the one which suits your skin the best!

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