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Best 5 Korean Yogurt Drinks to Try Right Now

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Yakult, also known as Yakuruto, is a globally popular Korean yogurt drink renowned for its probiotic, milk-like texture. There are many others; read more to find out!

Yogurt is probably the one thing that people love to consume in almost all forms. There are many varieties, like frozen yogurt, flavored yogurts, and yogurt drinks. They all are filling, and people love to include yogurt in their daily diet plans. It adds to the nutritional value of your diet and is very good for your gut. 

Korean diets typically include foods created through processes such as fermentation and pickling. So, yogurt is a significant part of Korean diets and is also yummy. You can select the best brand of yogurts to make delicious drinks. Having yogurt in drink form is convenient and a healthful choice. Here are the best Korean yogurt drinks you can choose from.

Yakult Probiotic Health Drink

Yakult is probably one of the first brands that pop up in your head while talking about Korean yogurt drinks. This brand has a vast customer base and is famous worldwide. The Yakult Probiotic Drink has about 6.5 billion Lcs and has helped millions of people with stomach-related problems and better gut health. These 60 ml bottle contains the perfect amount of probiotic ingredients needed for an individual. You can confidently enjoy this drink for a healthier gut. It has no added flavors, and it also improves your immunity.

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Lotte Milkis Soft Soda

The Lotte Milkis Soft soda is an excellent yogurt-based drink in the flavor of strawberry. The brand also has other flavors like orange, muskmelon, mango, peach, pineapple, banana, and apple. The blend of flavors with the regular yogurt with the punch of carbonation makes it the ideal choice for a yogurt drink. This refreshing drink is an excellent alternative in areas where authentic Korean yogurt is unavailable. The soda base creates a tingling sensation in the mouth which can be pretty refreshing on hot days. You can choose this when you need a healthy yogurt-based soda.

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Woongjin Nature’s Coco Yogurt

When you can buy a yogurt drink in a bottle with punchy flavors and a light texture, it is the best thing. The Woongjin Nature’s Coco Yogurt comes in different flavors like apple, sour pineapple, and peach. It is refreshing and filled with the goodness of probiotic elements. It is the perfect choice for a sunny day, and for days you want to eat light. The brand has set its foot strong with the Woongjin range of yogurt drinks that everyone loves to drink, from a child to an adult.

Namyang Sparkling Yogurt

This Namyang Korean yogurt drink has a carbonated sparkling soda base. But it also has a spoon-able yogurt consistency. It is perfect for your soju cocktail parties. This bottle is a 400ml formulation with a refreshing yet tingly taste. You can buy the amazing Namyang Sparkling Yogurt when you want a quick drink that is refreshing and tasty. It has exotic flavors and is much better than regular yogurt varieties. Despite containing carbonated water, it only provides a mild tingling sensation. It has a very mild tingling sensation because of lower carbonation levels.

F&B Korean Family Yogurt

Korean yogurt drinks are widely popular for their taste and health factors. This particular F&B Korean Family Yogurt has the perfect tangy flavor. This Korean yogurt drink’s taste and excellent health benefits make it the ideal choice. The texture is light, and it is easy to drink. You can also use them to make milky slushies after a long sunny day. It is equally refreshing and filled with Probiotic elements. It is a complete package of Korean yogurt drinks.

Wrapping Up

You can also use the plain yogurt drinks from the list to make delicious Korean drinks for your cocktail parties. The flavored drinks are ready to chug up and are very refreshing. These are the best 5 Korean yogurt drinks you need to check out right now. Do not miss out on the creamy and tasty goodness of yogurt drinks.

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