The Ultimate Gift Guide For BTS Fans

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When it comes to BTS gift guides, the internet has tons of options for them. If you are looking for a gift for that one BTS army friend, then you are at the right place. BTS has massive collaborations with many brands resulting in plenty of BTS gifts that you can gift to your friends, family, or loved ones. There are endless numbers of BTS gifts out there which can be overwhelming when searching. This is why we have curated the ultimate gift guide for BTS fans.

These unique gifts which are related to BTS are something that your friend will appreciate when they receive them. It is because of how well-thought-out these BTS gifts are for BTS lovers.

The Guide To Best Gifts for BTS fans


BT21 are cartoon characters that are created and designed by BTS members in association with Line Friends; each character has a unique story with a personal background which represents each one in the band with little characters. BT21 is also one of the best gift guides for BTS fans, and each Army may choose different characters with their personal favorite. All these products are available on online shopping like Amazon, kpopmart, etc


One of the gifts that will make any BTS fans happy is the collection of BTS Album so that a real BTS Army can listen to their favorite music anytime or anywhere they like and can dance with the flow of the kinds of music. We should, of course, choose an album that best suits the person. In doubt, always go with the latest album because the real Army is eagerly waiting for the album to release. In this case, BTS’s 2020 studio album “BE,” BTS – BE Deluxe Edition, is very popular these days. 

Endless Entertainment Options

There is something for every type of BTS fan in the Endless entertainment options. These entertainment options come in packages that include many things. You can get a lot of exciting entertainment options from the Endless entertainment library that you can watch, read, listen to, play, etc. BTS season’s greeting is the latest released package from the endless entertainment options. The package contains the BTS Soop online Show, a wall calendar, and a BTS book that teaches basic Korean (Learn Korean with BTS).

bts fans gift guide

Kpop BTS Butter Merchandise Leather Long Wallet

This one is a simple yet special gift if you give it to the right person. Of course, the person should be a BTS fan but could also use a new leather wallet. This BTS Butter theme leather long wallet is of excellent quality. Moreover, the wallet contains large slots and pockets. It contains 6 card slots, three large compartments, and a zipper pocket. The large capacity of the wallet can carry many things, including your smartphones and keys.

bts fans gift guide

BTS Light Stick – A Staple Among Devoted Fans

It’s a stick-like structure with a light at the end, used during live concerts. It has a changeable light color. The latest version of the army bomb light stick has the Soul Special Edition theme. The 4th version of the BTS army bomb lightstick has changed in its appearance. It comes with a creamy white ball, and the lamp button is also upgraded. You can control the lightstick using Bluetooth, and you can also adjust its color. 


It is easy to make BTS fans happy if we find out the perfect gifts for the person you are looking for. Hopefully, we all make an ARMY happy with one of the items on this gift guide. As for other BTS fans who did not find the perfect gift, “ARMY” has been growing in size and numbers. So New items or new versions of a product will surely be available in the market. As a result, it also gives more BTS gift options to choose and select the perfect gifts, which mean the world to the fans. 

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