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Changing Your K-Beauty Makeup From Summer to Fall

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With the fall here, it is time to switch your K-beauty makeup products along with your clothes and shoes. Just like you change the daily skincare products when you transition from summer to fall, it is important to change beauty products. You can add bolder looks into your life after a summer full of a sun-kissed makeup regime.

You might feel that after an exciting summer with neon color liners, lightweight foundation, and bronzed glowy skin, how are you going to deal with the seasonal changes? Where to start, and do you need a full range of new products? These are some pressing questions that come to mind.

As you transition to fall and winter, don’t change all your K-beauty makeup products – just tweak them a bit. And voila! You have a new palette to work with.

Here we have some tips on how to transition your K-beauty makeup from summer to fall.

Tip #1: Give your skin a radiant glow

Well, although the summer has ended, it doesn’t mean you have to give up that summery glow. With the right K-beauty makeup product, you can maintain the radiant glow in your skin all-year-round, even in the fall!

Most people love a matte finish texture on their skin, but you can never go wrong with an eye-catching glow. You can use a radiant finish foundation instead of using a matte or full coverage foundation.

Tip #2: A bold and richer eye makeup

While the summer was full of vivid eye and glittering eye shadow colors, now it is time to switch to richer and darker shades. You can rock a bold look with sultry eye shadow shades in different finishes, like matte and metallic. The most common hues of fall pallet shades that make you think of earthy tones and deep plum.


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Tip #3: Swap out your bronzer for blush

In colder months, your skin can look duller than usual. For a quick and easy fix to this problem, you just need to ditch your bronzer for blush. This will make your cheeks look naturally flushed even when it is cold.

Tip #4: Transition your pout to a bold look

The fall makeup routine is nearly complete. All that is remaining is your pouty lips. For fall and winter months ahead, break away from your regular coral shades, and paint your lips with a bold shade in a metallic or matte texture. You can embrace bold and rich colors such as deep reds, berry tones, or even cool browns.


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