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Replace Your Night Creams with K-Beauty Hydrating Sleeping Masks

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If you’ve ever experienced tight skin or dryness and irritation, then it’s time to try the K-beauty sleeping mask. Unlike conventional wash-off masks, the K-beauty sleeping packs have a unique formulation. They soak quickly into the skin without leaving any film or residue. 

The best part about the sleeping packs is that you only need to use them a couple of times a week. You can enjoy the calming, plumping, and glow-inducing benefits in a short time! The Korean sleeping packs contain the benefits of masks but still stay dry like a night cream. These sleeping masks are especially useful if you are experiencing dry patches and your skin needs a major dose of hydration.

Hydrating Sleeping Mask from K-Beauty Brands

Here are some of the best Korean sleeping masks that pack a punch of moisturization and nourishment. You can even replace your night creams with K-beauty brands’ super hydrating sleeping packs. 

#1. ENATURE Birch Juice Hydro Sleeping Pack

Apply this amazing Korean sleeping pack before you sleep so your skin can quench its thirst while sleeping. It has a rich cream-like texture that can work as an after-hours miracle worker. The formulation contains 74% Birch tree sap, chamomile, and plantain seed extracts. All the natural ingredients combine to transform your skin complexion into rejuvenated skin. 

#2. MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask

It’s a superhero repairing and hydrating sleeping pack whose formulation is packed with some excellent ingredients. It contains snail extract, which supports natural cell regeneration. The Korean hydrating sleeping pack also replenishes moisture in the skin, increasing skin firmness, especially for dry and aging skin. 

#3. Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

The lightweight overnight mask from Klairs is packed with a heavy dose of vitamin E. It is a common antioxidant ingredient to make K-beauty products that can slow down cell aging. The sleeping mask is also known as “shape memory cream” as it can cling to the skin with its pudding-like texture. The hydrating sleeping mask also contains vitamin C and niacinamide which can brighten the skin tone. 

#4. COSRX Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

The overnight sleeping mask has a formulation with 65% rice extract that can offer intense hydration and brightening skin tone. It also contains niacinamide, a brightening ingredient, and sunflower seed oil, a hydrating ingredient. You can apply the pack at night so that your skin can achieve moisturization and nourishment. The best part, it can work wonders without transferring onto your clothes and pillow during the night. 

#5. THANK YOU FARMER Back To Relax Soothing Gel Mask

Thank You Farmer’s cooling and moisturizing gel sleeping mask can soothe irritated skin. The main ingredient in the Korean sleeping pack is pomegranate extract. It contains high levels of vitamin C that can prevent cell damage, repair sun damage, and promote speed healing. It also contains cica, fig, licorice, and aloe vera juice extract that offer soothing and moisturizing benefits to the skin. 

As you’ve seen in our collection of hydrating K-beauty sleeping masks, they are all different in terms of their ingredients, but the major benefit remains the same. You can expect to find peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acids, and other natural ingredients from Korean beauty brands in sleeping packs. 

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